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    I hope I am the right place for this question? I have done several seal jobs here in florida and the problem I am having is that some of these jobs the sealer turns a white milky color on certain areas . on one job it was all over the place any ideas on what might be causing the issue ?


    Several things can cause thte surface of your coating to develop this chalky appearance. Landscaping chemicals washing from the gras is possible as well as water staining from sprinklers, it could also be concrete staining from curbs and gutters. If your sealer had a slow cure from lack of direct sunllight or was applied in cool or cold weather you can also get a graying of the coating. A simple test of the surface will tell you if the staining is on the surface only. Wet a cloth with clean water and scrub the surface. If the surface turns black then you know somethling has stained your coating.


    A contractor in Florida (see comment below) is having difficulty with his sealer turning a white milky color. Please comment below if you have any insights.


    thank you for reply


    Give me a call at anytime if you are still having problems. I can be reached at 404 696 7660. ask for Harry Carter.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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