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    This is a complete set up for starting into the asphalt sealing business. All equipment was purchased new in 2004/05, and has been very well maintained. I am selling due to time limitation between this and another business. Can be very profitable with time devotion.

    Seal-Rite SR 700 Trailer – 700 Gal. Tank w/ Brush Box & Water Tank.
    Little Wonder wheeled blower w/ 9hp Honda.
    10 Gal. Hot Melt Crack Filling Machine.
    125 lbs. of Hot Melt Crack Filler.
    1300 lbs. of Sand.
    15 Gal. of Sealer Additive.
    10 Gal. of Cold Pour Crack Filler.
    All hand tools associated with the trade.
    Pics can be emailed upon request.

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