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    Hey Dan,
    Thank you for your reply on my paint question. We just did our first re-stripe with rollers and brushes. We are looking at a Rollmaster, because the price is affordable at this point, and I would like to ask your opinion of rolling machines.

    Thank You, David


    Hey David
    I don’t know. I went to the site and saw the (2) products…the Rollmaster and the Rollmaster 5000. I’ve seen these at the Asphalt conventions and I have reservations. 1) What about a rough parking lot? I’d be concerned that I cannot get coverage…here’s why. I hand roll blue squares at 39″ x 39″. Once these are dry, I then spray my H/C stencil on top. I have difficulty during the hand rolling process if the asphalt is rough or cracked or…and here’s a big one…gritty. First…I will have to go back and forth to work the blue in and get coverage…then…I will inevitably pick up small pebbles, dirt, grit. pine needles etc. into the roller. In this application…neither of these “troubles” is a big deal…but…if I were painting the actual stripe…I’d be concerned.
    Next…Tennis courts used to be striped by hand. We would tape the lines and then apply a clear coat specifically to stop the paint from oozing under the tape and offering a rough finished edge. We would then roll the lines with white paint and then pull the tape. My point?…I would expect this machine to offer a rough edge and/or a “boat wake” type of an edge.
    Now…here’s a small argument against a statement from their site. “Paint a better quality line with sharper edges.” Ever since the introduction of the airless, we don’t use the clear coat over the tape…on tennis courts. Why?…because airless striping machines offer a very sharp edge. And…now?…I don’t even tape…I snap a line and paint a 2″ line right beside it.
    Last…for the price of the 5000…you could find a used airless…or a conventional machine.
    OK…last…last…what about stencils? What about curbs?
    All that said…you decide…there may be a market for this type of machine…but…I know (6) stripers in my town…no one has one. We all have airless and conventionals. Very quick. Very easy. (Very straight.) Very cool.
    Let me know what you decide.
    Before I go…try airlessco.com
    These seem to be less money. And…if you do buy a larger unit 2 years from now…this machine can be a great back up…or use it for stenciling while your partner is striping…or sell it.
    Keep in touch.
    See ya.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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