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    I am a contractor looking to provide IR services to my area and in doing research and left with 1 big question. I am not sure what I should be looking for in a rejuvinator. It is always discussed as if it a given but I am hoping for something more specific is what I would be looking to purchase. Any ideas or even brands that I should be looking for would me very appreciated.


    The info you are asking for could take awhile. Can you call me and we can spend as much time discussing this topic as you would like? I can be reached at 404 234 7102.


    The product we recommend is CRF by Golden Bear / Tricor i would also be happy to talk with you about this and or any Infrared issues.

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    At Ray-Tech, we don’t believe in the use of rejuvinator when carrying out an infrared repair job. If done correctly, there is simply no need for it. Our goal is to therefore convince municipalities that require its use that it is not more than than a waste of money. If you would like to talk more on this I welcome you to email me at wes@raytechinfrared.com. I can explain the process in more detail if you wish and I wouldn’t mind sending you literature on correct infrared use!


    I’m afraid I have to take issue with that statement! If the use of rejuvinator is unnecessary, what is going to restore the maltines, and asphaltines to “tired” asphalt. I can agree with you that it would be unnecessary in the case of heating a somewhat new pavement, but how about one that is 5 or 10 years old?? The heat from the infrared dries out even MORE of the binders, and SOMETHING has to replace them or you encounter “raveling” within a year down the road. I have found with MY work that the use of rejuvinator restores important qualities to both the scarified areas, and the heated perimiter. Just my opinion, but I check back on my work on a regular basis, and have found that the areas treated with rejuvinator have lasted better than the ones without.


    This is a common debate that comes up when talking about Infrared use and the use of rejuvinator. Infrared heat does not dry out the asphalt surface in a way that it loses any significant amount of its additives. In fact by utilizing the Infrared Repair method, it requires the user to rake the heated asphalt which in turn mixes the entire layer heated so that the thin layer that was exposed becomes mixed in with the underside of that layer which has plenty of chemicals left to it. In essence you are giving the asphalt new life. Because of this virtually new material being drawn to the surface, you don’t necessarily need rejuvinator to add to it.

    As we tell our customers and prospective customers, rejuvinator, in most cases (there will be the occasional need), is not needed but it is up to them if they feel more comfortable using it. Some people are just hardwired to feel a need for it and that’s fine too.


    Use it , cheap insurance


    I agree !

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