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    I am doing my first parking lot (re-stripe). Normally I fix homes from roofs to foundations and everything in between. I was asked if i could re-stripe a private school’s parking lot, they aren’t very professional there. I said sure but it will be my first so give me a week to figure out what it’ll cost.

    I think I will just get one of those $75 machines, but was wondering if I just rolled it out? Also can I just paint over the old lines or do I need to prep them ( rough them up or cover them with a primer first)? Should/can the curbs be rolled or brushed?

    The owner wants me to add lines where the kids will be picked up by the buses. He wants “Loading Zone” written out and two 200ft lines for lanes for the buses with arrows. The 200ft lines will bend (any tips?) Also I was calling around today to see about stencils. The few companies I called didn’t have letters that are 1ft tall, which is what he was wanting.

    I need to put a few handicap signs on the ground, any tips? Also if I get the $75 machine and put a can in the machine and run out of paint before the end of the 200ft line, when I put the next can in and begin again will it show after I am done that I ran out of paint while marking that line?

    IN all there is 67 parking spots, which include 3 handicap and about 14 “employee only” spots. Do I need to worry about red curbs that say fire lane, there are none now.

    I also need to price this job before I begin, any tips? lol

    Any other tips would be greatly appriecated. Thanks!

    Schwarze Industries

    Sounds like you need a sub. I asure you without thr proper stincels and other tools your fixing to make a mess


    Hey Oklahoma Striper
    How are you?
    I used to live in Tulsa…had a blast…anyhow…I’d like to answer your post as I read down through it.
    Here we go…
    1) I wrote a post titled “$75.00 Striping “Machine”…is it worth it?. That is my opinion on those kinds of “machines”.
    a) They’re good for an owner who has a very few lines.
    b) They’re good for a school who lines in the grass for baseball.
    2) Rolling…when I hand roll blue for a “Blue Block” H/C I pick up debris = small pebbles etc.
    a) I also have a hard time filling in the cracks…unless its a new parking lot…or still a nice one.
    b) I would be too afraid of having an ugly edge…so ugly…from pushing down to fill in irregularities…that the owner would never call me again.
    3) No prep is needed. If you’re thinking “rough it up”…the parking lot already is…especially if it’s needing a Re-stripe. Besides…asphalt is known as a “flexible” pavement. I do realize over time it solidifies…however, it’s more porous = paint can grip it. Again…no prep. Maybe blow it off with a hand lawn/leaf blower.
    4) Right here…before I mention the bending lines and stencils…my best advice…though it may sound self promoting…buy my book.
    a) I discuss simply moving the machine around a corner like a grocery cart with bad front wheels. So…do not “pop a wheelie”. I also discuss the great “trick” associated with the airless machines. I own a Graco and a Titan. I show no preference…except price.
    b) Stencils…I have them for sale. The prices already include shipping. BUT…if you need 2 or more..call me. I’ll ship to the same address at the same time and save you money. Please don’t order 2 and pay shipping twice…well…kinda twice. (I’d ship them together anyhow and charge you less…and then send the difference…in money…back to you.) Anyhow…check out my site.
    c) ALSO…I can cut anything…anything. Let me know what you need. I’ll give you a price. You decide.
    5) As far as Red…and Fire Lanes. Here’s my best thought. Re-stripe what’s there. Here’s why….if they need an occupancy permit…I believe the Fire Department…or someone like that will visit to make sure their trucks can get close to the building. They will request/demand at the that time…Fire Lanes. So…if you’re doing a Re-stripe…Oklahoma…just Re-stripe it. Also…I’m not sure Red is required. If it were…it would be everywhere. Just Re-stripe what’s there.
    a) Now…that said…visit a Super Market. View the Fire Lane. Could you suggest something like that for your customer? = a 4″ line…4′ out from the front sidewalk…running parallel to the building?
    b) Or…will the “Loading Zone” area…for buses prohibit parking…thus fulfilling the No Parking thing?
    6) Pricing…I also have an article on this forum titled…”Pricing a Striping Job”…but it’s located under the “Pavement Materials” tab.
    a) Most of us have a minimum charge…maybe $200.00? …the job you’re bidding will cost more than that.
    b) I bid per foot…most of us do. I also bid stencils…per stencil…maybe $15.00 each to whatever. Sometimes it depends on volume and/or size. 12″ is very common. $15.00 to $18.00 each…or…$2.00 per digit…or?…it depends on you…your over head…your competition…etc. Check out the article. And…again…sorry…check out my book. I tell everything…including curb and games.
    Last…I want to say something…do this. Get a machine. A real one. It’s airless…check this out…you say you work on “everything in between”…well an airless striping machine is the same thing as an airless paint sprayer…except it has wheels. That’s it. You could use this to paint buildings etc…as well as offer another service.
    I hope my post isn’t too long. I hope I’ve helped. And…I know you can do this.
    Keep in touch.


    we do quite a bit of parking lot line painting. We have 4 airless sprayers, and a ride on… airless sprayers are excellent but all are very high maintenance. If you dont have much experience i would sub it out to a professional. Rolling on lines should only be used as a last resort ( having to get the last line and its next to a car ) As for pricing we have a 450 min call out so a job of that size would be covered under that.

    Hope this helps.


    Hey All,

    My first post here. I hope the forum to grow up fast for the good of all contractors :).
    My reply is probably quite late, but for the first timers, I think a good start is to rent an airless machine from Sun Belt. It is around $150 per day.

    Dan, I purchased your book through Amazon (I use a referral discount there), and I am looking forward to read it with big interest :).


    Too cool.
    Keep in touch.

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