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    Schwarze Industries

    went out to work yesterday and had a problem with my graco striper. The motor cranks but when you flip the on switch to turn the pump on you get nothing. no noise from the pump nothing. it was working fine last week when we used it . cleaned it after use and put it on the trailer. it’s a 5900 with out all the bells and whistles. the old type


    Hello Surcoat
    I’ve had the same problem…HAVE…the same problem.
    I believe it’s the actual Toggle Switch.
    So…try this…flip it on and off like you’re ticked off.
    See if it comes on. I hope it does.
    Next…I’m now too afraid to shut it off. SO…when I clean or cycle…I just throw the “Directional Big Boy Toggle Switch”…on the side.
    In other words…I don’t shut the pump off any longer before I divert the pressure from the Primer to the Gun Line…and / or the other way around.
    That said…it’s best to kinda hold onto the Primer Tube when going FROM the Gun Line TO the Primer Tube. Quick pressure to the Primer tube will cause it to “Pop a Wheelie”…completely out of the bucket. Trust me on that one…but it’s better than turning off the pump to switch Pressure direction…only to find out NOW the pump won’t come back on.
    Next…of course…I could buy another switch.
    Next…I do have a question…you said “nothing”…does that mean there’s no pumping going on either?…or is it pumping its brains out…but not building pressure?

    Schwarze Industries

    there is no pumping at all. it’s like the power to the pump is off


    I’m guessing it’s the actual toggle on the dashboard.
    Flick it on and off. Twist it a little…MAKE it work. Then…we’ll know it’s the switch.
    I doubt very much…it has anything to do with the pump…which is good news.

    Schwarze Industries

    checked the switch today. nothing wrong with it. would take it to shop but the closest one we got is a 100 miles away. what would be your next guess


    …crap…I’m not the best trouble shooter in the world.
    I’d probably defer. Can you call the shop you referred to? Ask a few questions? Maybe this isn’t an isolated thing.
    Beyond that…I’d try Graco.
    Let me know though…once you get it fixed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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