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    Hey Dan its Diamond, just wondering if you are familiar with the powrliner 1800M. The reason why I am asking is I have been noticing a little wobble when I am pushing the machine and not sure if it will have any affect on the quality of my lines. I have been practicing on felt paper as you already know, but it does not lay the flatest to the ground. But now I am wondering if this wobbling is adding to the bumps as I go. Guess I am just getting nervous cause tomorrow is my first parking lot and I aim for nothing but perfection. I must add that I did replace the rear axle and tires. I had new ones shipped in from dealer

    Also I still can not find where to put piston lube on this machine….I looked for the football shaped plate and still had no luck. I really want to take care of this machine so it last but not sure how. Is there anything else I will need to do to help with the maintaince of my powrliner?

    Is there anything out there that will help give nice crisp edges on my lines? They do look good but still think they can be a bit more crisp if you know what I mean. Maybe cause I am practicing with interior latex and not traffic paint..

    Oh and one more thing. You mentioned about using your tip as a starting point for your lines. If I line the tip guard up with chaulk line it sprays about an inch and a half off line. I am having a hard time with finding a good spot on machince to line everything up. Any ideas????

    Thanks again for all the great input,



    Opps posted wrong pic.


    Hey Diamond
    …couple things…
    1) As far as the wobble goes…I’d really have to see it. Maybe if it continues…swing by a SW paint store that also has a Sher Works in it. OR…find an independent service repair shop. These shops will also service simple airless sprayers.
    2) The guard that is in front of the actual piston rod…to protect looks like a guard a football player would were. It’s not really shaped like a foot though.
    You can see through the rings that are in it. The piston is moving just behind it.
    To get to the rubber cap like feature that helps to keep the piston lube from splashing around and out…you need to remove this small guard.
    3) The line edges…yes…switch to traffic paint. Try either of SW Set Fast paints. AND make absolute sure you have a Yellow Graco tip. If not…the edges will have less paint applied to them.
    4) The starting point is a thing to get used to. So…if you’re needing to move 1/2″ to the right…then do so…stand up straight…or just like you always do…and get a good look at the chalk line in relation to the tip guard. Try to remember that look. Then spray. If you hit the line…great job. If you miss by 1/4″…two things…DO NOT CORRECT…just keep going straight. ( In other words…don’t spray for 12″…then move the machine 1/4″ to the right or left to get exactly onto the chalk line. I’d rather you go straight than have a line that looks like a Hockey Stick.
    BUT…that said…on the next line…line up a little more away from the place you just did. Then…maybe you’ll be 1/8th inch off. Then…you’ll get it and once you do…you’ll remember that look…of the relationship between the Tip Guard and the Chalk Line…as viewed from the “pilot’s seat”…!
    Last…let me see if I can put a You Tube Video up and show you what I mean…on my Graco.
    I’ll keep in touch.
    P.S. No…I’m not at all familiar with the 1800…but it cannot be too much different than the other Titans.


    thanks again for the advice. I will keep practicing my straight lines…look forward to seeing the youtube video or you can email me directly at diamondconstructiongroup@verizon.net. I will definitly take your advice and take the machine to SW. they did tell me if I needed any help to bring it down, so i will take them up on their offer. The parking lot I will be doing tomorrow has a back lot and think I will make that my starting point..lol

    Dan just wanted to let you know that you have been a great help with this and getting back to me so promptly


    Hey Diamond…you’re welcome.
    And…just a note…I rarely begin a job…”right up front”.
    If there’s a place to start at the back…I do. Sometimes the first line needs a little adjustment…etc.
    Your thinking is right on track. AND…if you add to it that yo’re a first timer…you’re doing great.
    I’ll keep in touch.


    Hey Dan, Well I survived my first lot. I think it went pretty smooth except for the wobbling of the rear tires. It seems the faster I went the better the lines looked. We be taking machine down to SW tomorrow to have them take a look. I can not figure it out. I replace the whole rear its only made up with a threaded rod some bearing and tires, and replace all of them.HMMMMMMM just dont know. I ended up doing 107 spaces and it took me about 3 1/2 hrs. with about and hour of down time. The one store did not close at there normal time, so I had to clean machine and wait patiently for them to leave..It was cheaper to wait than to come back another day. By the time I was a 1/4 of the way done I found that happy spot with hitting my lines, but still need some practice. The long 200′ lines were the killer…had a hard time keeping them straight and also was trying to cover old lines. They had 2 sets of lines, one in yelow and one in white.
    But all in all went pretty good. I tried to attach some pics but it would not allow me..file was over 75kb.



    Diamond…too cool. Congrats.
    I mean it. Nothing that’s done the first time is easy. And…you were probably sweating a few bullets.
    Again…congrats on all of that.
    Next…try this the next time…use a “Long Rope” to “long rope” the Center Lines.
    Go to the “Extension Cord” aisle at Lowe’s…by an Orange Disk to store cord onto. Then go to the Rope aisle. Buy 200″ or more of 7/32″ Poly…or something like it. Put in onto the Disk…go pay for it all.
    Even if you’re by yourself…take two buckets…or something…and use them to hold each end of the 200″ stretch of rope. Make sure it = the rope…is pulled tightly and straight. THEN…use it as your guide. YES…you may not cover the old line completely…but that ‘s because YOUR line is right…straight…and most of all…pretty.
    I’ll contact Bret…he’s the big cheese around here…to see if we can get past the photo thing.
    Diamond…keep in touch.
    P.S. ( Hey Brett…are you there…? )


    Diamond! I probably need to increase the file size for uploads. Meanwhile can you send them to me and i’ll post them for you. Send them to brett@pavemanpro.com. We would love to see your job. Very exciting!

    Take care,


    Hey Dan, sent some pics to brett. Thanks for all the great tips, don’t know why i did not think of the rope. But I will definitly being using it…..keep the great tips coming they are always useful.

    I stopped by Sherwin Williams today to have them look at the wobble in the wheels and they told me that it was because the 1800M was originally design for turf and field painting. It can be used on Parking lots but you will have a slight wobble..Not sure I like that so much. Should have bought a Graco. On a postive note I was able to strip there parking lot for paint and some spray cans for mistakes.

    Thanks again,


    Too cool, Diamond.
    Thanks Brett.
    Is there any particular reason that the wheels wobble? Is it that noticeable? Is it a different axle than the stock one?
    Can you put it back to original…if so?
    I have a buddy who sells Gracos.
    Let me know.
    Thanks again.


    Well did lot #2 and let me tell you practice makes perfect….we did it in the midnight hour and it went so smooth. I switched to the 317 tip and my lines came out perfect. Used the rope for the straight edge and man what a difference…thanks for that tip Dan. Let me know when you get the picture size resolved and I will try and upload some photos..

    One thing I would have to say I did not like is that I am doing my Handicaps last. I build the box then lay my template down. I try to do them last cause I dont like switch the paint out. But my only concern is that its still wet when I leave. Being that it was done while it was dark, it was not drying as fast. Maybe I am just laying it too thick. dunno



    Hey Diamond
    …all good to hear…glad it went well for you.
    Next…I hand paint my Blue Blocks. I lay my stencil down …trace around it…slide it aside…and hand roll the Blue Block.
    1) I don’t have to put Blue in my machine.
    2) It dries while I’m doing something else.
    Try that one day.
    Get SW to take a 5 of White Latex Traffic Paint.
    Pop the little plastic “cork” thing off the lid. ADD 14 to 20 ounces of Blue Tint. Shake…you’re done.
    Next…get a new 5 gallon bucket. Pour 2 gallons of this Blue into it. THEN…work from this new bucket.
    1) It’s lighter and easier to carry around.
    2) When you’re done rolling 2,3,4,5,6 H/C Blue Blocks…store the 9″ roller and pad…right down into the bucket.
    ( If you tried to store the roller handle and pad in the first bucket…it would be buried alive…! )
    Again…just work from the second bucket. When it becomes a little low…add to it.
    AND…here’s the other reason…ONCE in a GREAT white…you’ll need to spray Blue Lines…aaarrrggghhh.
    BUT…you’ll have an uncontaminated 3 gallons or so in the first bucket. Cool…?
    SO…keep the first bucket uncontaminated…work from the second bucket.
    ( when you hand roll…debris will stick to the roller pad. Then when you dip it into the bucket again…THAT paint is not full of small rocks…maybe grass…blahblah. )
    I hope that all helps. It’s worked for me for over a decade.
    Keep in touch.


    Diamond and Dan –

    I have posted the pics below. Check em out. Nice job Diamond!



    Hey Dan, just wanted to update you on the wobble problem, since I was on asking another 20 questions. But as far as the wobble goes, I call Titan and I explained the problem to them and informed them what the SW guy told me. They first off said that the SW guy was wrong in what his was telling me, as far as the machine was designed only for turf. I took the advice from the SW Tech and purchased the under fram with axles and tires off of their 2800 machine. I will be putting them on tomorrow and hopefully that resolves the issue and will have a more durable machine…I will keep you posted. Sorry for rambling on and not sure if it even makes sense.

    Hopefully all is well


    Hey Dan just wanted to keep you guys posted on the wobble. I got the new wheels last week and installed everything…what do you know…I now have perfectly straight lines. So much smoother to push. So if anyone would have this problem with the 1800M upgrade your axles and wheels you will be glad you did.

    thanks for all the suggestions,

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