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    Hello ,, I am getting ready to do a job on an army base and I have to paint black boxes with white numbers in maybe 50 locations. This is on a 2000 ft. long wharf. The numbers on the face are to be 4′ feet tall. And on the top 2′ feet tall. These are to be “series E” numerals. The boxes are 1′ above & below the numbers. My questions are does anyone know anything about these types of numbers. I’m willing to make them myself with plywood. I’ve searched online for the corps of engineers specs/details etc. but it is so confusing. Idon’t kn ow but I bet buying these somewhere would be some kind of expensive though I would much rather buy.
    I’m just trying to find out online something about this. Thanks


    Hello again.
    We talked a while ago…I believe about this topic.
    Did you since find any help?
    Other than simply …almost demanding…a sketch or “Blueprint” from the customer…that you could then refer to in your bid…I’d be a afraid to bid. God forbid you show up with the wrong design. (Then I’d get upset thinking…OH YEAH NOW you’re telling me there’s a standard…!)
    That said…can your customer easily get you in contact with the specification?…i.e. the Type “E” callout they’re going by? I can see why you’re frustrated. I would be too.
    Where are you in the process?


    Hello Dan, I got word that the General contractor was probably going to go ahead and get us a contract ready for this job just this past week. Found out it’s really nothing specific just numbers 1 thru nine or zero, 48″ tall and 24″ tall and just maybe 18″ – 24″ between the numbers. I’ll be getting back in touch with you after I sign and get the stencils from you. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll get back to talk when I get some time, for some reason I’m busy all the time and not making any money. Dont know whats going on.


    Cool deal.
    I think it’s the Season = “All work and no pay”.
    It’s going around, Kellync. It’s not you.
    Keep in touch.
    And thanks.


    Hey Dan,
    Almost 45 degrees here today, we could’ve actually maybe striped today?


    I had a call too. My machines are full of Anti-freeze. I am going to look at it. But…
    I’ll probably sub the job out to another Striper.
    That said…I’ll probably go too…at least snap some lines.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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