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    Well Pavemanpro the leaves are turning and fall soon will be dishing out questionable days, and cool nights. For you professional pavement maintenance companies this means that you will be adding Fass-Dri pavement sealer additive or FSA to your sealer mix to “Kick it up a notch!” Adding Fass Dri or FSA will help dry and firm up the sealer film in cool weather. FSA has been incorporated in everyday sealers all across the world since 1938! FSA and Fass-Dri PSA does so many things to help the sealer perform. The proprietary ingredient’s in Fass Dri and FSA are designed to enhance the sealer film and reduce the curing time in these type of fall temperatures. All sealer manufacturers who stock Maintenance inc. Fass Dri and Fsa realize that these additives truly are the contractors friend. Our Distributors know that once FSA or Fass-Dri additives are put in, the contractor will have an extended season compared to those who don’t. It is a fact that has been time and time again relayed to me thru phone conversations, face to face conversations, as well as forums like Pavemanpro. Contractors are fighting the weather everyday starting in October. The adding ratio for FSA should be min. 2% of your raw sealer volume, so if you put in 400 gals. of raw sealer, (Coal-tar or Asphalt-Based). You would add 8 gallons of FSA to “Kick it up a notch.” to your over all mix design. Some contractors tell me that they have gone as high as 4% and could open up to traffic the same day in 55-60 degree days with min. sun. If you are using Fass-Dri PSA you want to add 2 gal.s to every 150 gals. of raw sealer. adding a bit more will also help on those real iffy days. Remember that in the fall you should NEVER seal at night or late in the day and expect your sealer to perform.. When daylight savings time is upon us remember to start sealing early and end early. Timing is so important in fall pavement maintenance. I also recommend that you put one coat down if the property has to be opened early, and if a second coat is required just do it another day the same way. By incorporating FSA or Fass-Dri pavement sealer additive into your sealer mix will not only extend you spring and fall work time, but will give your sealer the benifits as stated previously. FSA and Fass Dri truly are the contractors friend. If you have not tried Maintenance Inc. additives, contact your sealer supplier and ask for FSA or Fass Dri. There is no equal, and there is no copy to them out there.. Ask for the “Original” additive by Maintenance Inc. and see for yourself. Well i hope all you have a great fall rush, as we had a poor May and half June with rain. Between hurricanes floods and an early fall you all must be slammed with back up work. I hope you all get to your sealer supplier and try FSA and Fass-Dri additives.

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