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    hey guys, ive been an avid watcher of this site for a while and after observing a bunch of other sites
    i came to the cunclusion yours is the best so i registered, now for the question- a friend of mine turned me on to the line striping aspect of things-ive been a house painter and general construction contractor for over twenty years, anyway he sold me a graco 3400 and it just wont spray right it comes out in
    squirts, my friend said it always did that but ive seen others in operation so i dont think thats the case ie
    ive cleaned everything filters included still the same effect i am starting to think its the pump,
    do you guys have any idea? i dont wanna think my friend screwed meand just trying to keep me out of the biz. after all it was his idea that i do it in the first place, any help i can get from u guys is greatly
    appreciated thank you. bill


    319 tip and larger you should be able to use a 60 mesh filter. if you are using a 317 tip or smaller, you should have a 100 mesh filter. If you have properly matched the filter to the tip you are using, it could be the paint. If your pump is pumping ok, you do not need to rebuild your pump. Double check your filters for size and condition (rips tears, holes etc), or replace with new.
    I always called early so my paint store could shake all my cans before I got there unless they just got them in. I will strain my paint too, seems needed when using machines with the elctro-mechanico clutch drives, little pistons and flip type recirc valves will make you pull out your hair if you don’t take the time to strain paint. Also make sure there is a long hose on the machine, seen some take these off, but there needed or you can get hour-glass’n or poor paint performance. Hope this helps.


    Hello Dakota
    I’m with Shep…and you. It shouldn’t “squirt”.
    But…are you saying…”hour glassing”? Or…squirting sideways…as if there’s a clog or piece or foreign object just trying to come through the line?…making the line “squirt” sideways?
    Next…I never strain my paint. I never have trouble either. I do have a filter on my Titan…none on my Graco.
    I also have my paint shaken…that should be a given.
    Next…simple things…
    1) Turn the engine all the way up.
    2) Turn the pump all the way up.
    Now try it.
    Next…if it’s good…and not hour glassing…done.
    But…you can back off the pressure a quarter turn. Try it again. If it’s still good…back off a quarter turn again…until it starts to hour glass. Then turn it back up.
    Next…I always use a .019. The .017 doesn’t give me enough paint. I walk normal speed…not 1 MPH!
    Next…spray water through the machine. Does it have the same problem? NO? Cool.
    So…we need to find the point where the paint isn’t like water…but will “break up”…or better said…”fan”.
    So…add a splash of water to this stuff we call paint. Don’t “thin” the paint…just add a cup to 4 gallons. Circulate. Try it again.
    Do those things. Let me know.
    Last…I have to use certain paint that is higher in “solid pieces”…for Regional Airports. This causes clogs while using smaller tips = .017…sometimes. Enough to make you mad.
    Here…I use .021. I don’t want to mess around. Some will say…I’m using too much paint. Really?
    Bottom line…help me with the word…”squirt”.
    And again…try some of these things.
    I hope I helped.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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