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    Is there a way to get brown striping paint by mixing existing striping paint? I am looking to paint a some curb and gutter that are brown and almost the same color as the concrete. I was hoping to talk them into gray by mixing white and black but they want the same brown. I typically use either SW HOTLINE or SETFAST paint. Thanks!


    Hello Friend
    How are you?
    First…let me say a caution type thing…
    Whenever anyone wants a “different” color…= other than White or Yellow…I say one of two things…
    1) Let me get a color close to that. “Traffic Paint” cannot be easily tinted.
    2) No.
    Here’s a story…I had a Bar and Grill needing Green stripes. I asked…can I just get close to Green? It’ll be a mix of Blue and Yellow…best we can. Maybe “Grass Green”…? The client said…absolutely…all is well.
    Another story…I had a guy wanting Pink. He was a Periodontist. He said…I want the Pink to be the same color as your gums. I stated…I can’t guarantee I can get the exact color you’re picturing. It’ll just be a mix of Red and White.
    He said…just make some and bring it by for approval.
    I said…No.
    Bottom line…2 things…
    1) I cannot be the one responsible for guessing what shade the client wants.
    2) I should not be the one totally on the hook for that work…cost…time…etc.
    3) “Traffic Paint” cannot be tinted to anything. To be tinted to “anything”…you need a clear base to start…or a deep base…for darker colors…to start. Traffic Paint comes already White or Yellow.
    Next…knowing this…you decide. Maybe your client is ok with a slightly different shade…maybe not…etc.
    Next…I have a personal policy. If I am about to do some job that is a “one off” type job…then the entire cost is in my bid.
    In other words…I estimated 4 gallons for the “Green Bar and Grill”. I didn’t want to run out…so I had 10 made up. I put the entire cost of that Green paint into my bid. Why…?…because I surmised that I would never use the left over. That seemed fair to me. ( If a client wants Yellow…I charge for what I use. I can always use the left over on the next job. )
    I hope that all makes sense.
    I hope I helped.
    Let me know how it works out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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