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    Hello Pavemanpro’s! Many of you out there know about Maintenance Inc. and many of you know how we provide superior additives for the pavement maintenance industry. Did you know that Maintenance Inc. is celebrating our 70th year in business? fact is, we are the leading additive manufacturer in the USA with staple additives as FSA, FSA-AE, Targel plus, and FSA plus, Fass Dri. We service over 350 distributors nationwide, and more worldwide. Since 1938 we have one goal in mind, provide superior additives and service. Our sales staff has over 120 years in combined industry time served. did you know that we truly are the “Original additive people?” Many Pavemanpro’s like you are the reason we are in this business. Maintenance Inc. has a passion for working with our distributors/contractors on a daily basis, supplying quality additives, and industry knowledge for all to tap into. If you are a new startup, or a seasoned veteran, we hear you, and act! You ask for quality and you get it. If you have a spec. project and need info on our additive, we get it to you. We work with you and assist in finding distributors in your area for easy access to Maintenance Inc. additives. No matter what type of sealer you apply, we have an additive for you. For 70 years we have had the pleasure of servicing this great industry. We at Maintenance Inc. want to personally THANK ALL OF YOU for the loyal business we have enjoyed for as many years. We hope you will continue to incorporate Maintenance Inc. additives in your day to day sealer applications. Stick with contractor proven additives, ease your mind that you will be giving your customers the very best in sealer applications utilizing any of our fine Maintenance Inc. additives. So stick with the “original additives” and see for yourself why we have been in this great industry for 70 years.. we hope you will ask for Maintenance Inc. additives. If you have never used our additives before, give it a try! 70 years, is a long time servicing thousand’s of contractors thru our distributor network. if you need to find a stocking distributor close to you, call us toll free 800-892-7601 or look us up on-line at maintinc.com and check us out! 70 years and going strong thanks to all the pavemanpro’s who know what to buy in pavement sealer additives! Maintenance Inc. “We are the original additive people.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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