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    Hi everyone:
    I am looking to buy a used Line striping machine, does anyone know where
    I can find one near Milton,Ontario?
    Will buy new but only do small line marking jobs and do not want to spend alot at this time?
    Please help 🙂


    I have one for sale here in BC


    How much?


    I don’t know much about it. I have been trying to figure out what kind it is but there’s no labels on it so its hard to tell I. am a engine mechanic and a guy that needed a compactor fixed gave it to me. I have never seen one like it before. and have no idea what its worth. I can tell its very well made. I was going to included picture of it but cant seem to if anyone wants to take a shot at identifying it, send me your email and I will shoot you a few picture’s of it. I have gone through the motor and it has good compression and no oil leaks. if I can find out anything about the pump I will go through it too. as it is right now I am open to offers.

    If there is a way to attach pictures could some one advise.

    the engine is a vertical shaft Briggs and stratton 5.5hp but I have no idea what the pump is
    it has four pneumatic 10in wheels. the pump and motor slide up and down a shaft to accommodate any size paint bucket the spray gun is able to be used free hand (about 25feet of hose) for curbs or stencils.


    Email me pictures if you can renewdrivewaysealing@gmail.com


    When you post it you can add a picture by clicking on the “attachments” button and adding a photo. It has to be a pretty small picture to post it so if you have any problems email it to me and I’ll post it for you. Brett@pavemanpro.com. I’d love to see the picture myself.


    Here’s an image of the machine. I don’t know alot about the equipment myself. I’m hoping Dan Zurcher from American Striping will be able to nail it. He’s the moderator of this forum and an equipment expert.


    OK…I can’t make it out.
    It looks like an Airless. But I can’t see the rest of the machine.
    That said…the wheel base looks like a “Roll Master” from Newstripe.
    Go to http://www.asphaltsealcoatingdirect.com/products/newstripe-rollmaster-5000
    This is a page from Asphalt Seal Coating Direct. There’s a video that looks like this machine.
    Next…the usage is important. Is it needed to spray lines on a grass field…for a Grade School…(once in a while) or…stripes on a public road…or…start a new side business?
    Last…most machines that are sold are either worth half their original value or a little bit more…kinda like finding a rarey car in Grandma’s garage…or they’re worth $350.00 to $500.00. Then…maybe you can use it for parts…like I’ve done in the past…or put a few hundred dollars into the machine…like I’ve done in the past also…and use it as a good “second” machine.
    I hope I helped.


    the gun is a graco and the motor is a briggs but other than that I have no idea. the lines are clean the gun is clean. the motor works great. the chassis is in good shape if I can get the pump working I would use it. not sure what to do with it if I cant get it working I would post pictures if I could.


    Hey Ruckus
    …from here on out…it’s up to you.
    It all sounds good…lines…clean…and it’s semi-local.
    All we can really offer is our best advice. It’s kinda like buying a used car. Try your best and hope it works out. And…if it doesn’t…at least you’ve spent little…
    But…with all do respect…if I…and I’m saying…me…if I couldn’t get the pump to work…or just see it lay down a stripe…personally…?…I think I’d pass.
    Next…I know how over-priced the new Titans are in Canada. I’ve tried to set up a shipment more than once. It had a few glitches…but still…it was much less expensive…even after the Import Tax was applied and the shipping too.
    ( In the U.S., the 2800M is $2900.00 USD., new! )
    Last…as a striper…
    1) I don’t see this model being used by me or my comrades = competitors…which are long time buddies.
    2) There is a line between saving money, starting slow…VS…spending a little more, having a familiar machine, having a service contract, exciting the customer…and…getting a great verbal recommendation from the customer…etc.
    Bottom line…from here on out…I know this email goes “back and forth”…I wish I could give you a definitive answer…it’s up to you.
    Keep in touch.


    I have several different sizes of graco machines ranging from 3400/3500/3900 used. I,m in ohio and would be interested in selling 1 or more.


    How much do you need for the 3900 used?

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