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    I am new into the business. The last time I was involved was several years ago when my father did line striping as a part time business.

    I just got a Linear Dynamics Model 160 machine for a good price. Everything seems to be functioning fine but I have not flowed any paint yet. My concern is that Linear Dynamics has gone out of business and parts will not be available. My other concern is what I need to do special if anything to run water base paint in the machine. I have the owners manual which mentions that something has to be done to the spray gun. I was hoping that someone might have some info on this machine that could help me.

    I know I should probably post this on its own but I will put out here. I have to admit that I am trying to figure out current pricing for the Northeast (Connecticut). If anyone could help that would be great.


    Hello pcrd940
    I just emailed M-B Products…maybe you’ve tried them…asking if they carry parts.
    I’ll let you know when I hear back.
    Next…I’d be surprised if anything “different” had to be done prior to spraying Latex = Water Based Paint.
    I’ve had a Conventional for 17 years, a buddy has 6! Other than change the gun…nope…all is the same.
    That said…I’m assuming you read something like…”don’t let it rust”?…or lubricate it, somehow?
    When I have long Latex jobs…I put a little Anti Freeze in the “Cleaner Can”…but that’s it.
    Last…I cannot seem to find a picture of these either.
    M-B used to be Linear Dynamics…and…there was a Paint Company called that too. It’s now owned by La Farge…I believe.
    Anyhow, I’m looking around.
    I talked to a guy yesterday. He said he’s getting $8.00 per stripe!
    In my town…everyone is a striper! So, we get half that.
    In Canada, you might be the only striper within 400 miles and the nearest paint store is the ONLY paint store…and it’s 45 minutes away!
    Here’s my point…in my book, I give my prices. And, I also give my paint costs. Then, I wrote an article, here…on this site explaining “how” to bid. It just has to do with your…again…your…Overhead and Competition.
    Take a look at that article. I’m sure it’ll make you feel more comfortable.
    Next…here’s a small popular test…
    Bid it like you see it. Keep in mind how much it actually costs you. Ask yourself “how long will I be here?” Ask yourself “How much profit is fair to me?”
    Then…if you’re getting all the jobs you bid…cool! But, you may be either EXTREMELY good at striping…or the lowest guy in town.
    That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Well…, and my article.
    Keep in touch. I’ll do the same.
    When I hear back from M-B, I’ll re-post separately, so you get notified.
    I hope this helps.


    pcrd940…it’s me again…
    I just heard back from M-B. ( That was quick. )
    YES…they carry parts.
    The gentleman’s name is Dave.
    He’s the parts Manager.
    His phone is 800.233.8461 ext. 522
    His email is dklinger@m-b.com
    The site address is http://www.m-bco.com
    I hope that helps.
    Keep in touch.


    Dan thanks for your help!

    I also want to say that I did get your book which has been a great help for me brushing up on what I remember from way back when. Unfortunately my father passed away a few years ago so I don’t have him as a resource.

    The only thing that I am worried about it getting use to this machine since the one he had was totally different. One last question when you say change the gun are you talking about just tip size or a completely different gun for Latex?

    Thanks Rob


    I’m sorry I’m late.
    (2) things…
    1) …on my Conventional, I have to change the “Line Striping” Gun when I go from Latex to Solvent based. In other words…one “Line Striping Gun…the complete Gun…is used for Latex…the other is used for Solvent base paint which is commonly called “Oil” based paint.
    2) I do not need to change the “Stencil” gun though. It will spray either type paint.
    Again…there’s no need for me to change the needle, fluid nozzle or the air nozzle…which are sometimes sold as a set.
    …just swap out the entire gun.
    Next…that said…I’m not sure about the 160. You may not need to do anything.
    I think the next step is to contact the M-B company. It’s that link (2) posts up.
    And…tell me what they say. Or have them email me. I’d like to know more.
    Does that help?


    Hey Dan

    I know it’s been a while but I did want to let you know that they were a big help and I was able to get all the parts I needed.

    Today was my first job which was more for practice. I did have a few troubles with the machine. When starting a line I would get about a foot done the paint flow would almost stop for about another foot then it would work fine. I’m trying to figure out the problem. I’m sure it’s simple and just a matter of adjusting pressures.

    Thanks for all the info you provided. I’m sure I will be getting some stencils from you pretty soon.



    Hey Rob…too cool. Congrats on the job.
    That’s a weird thing to happen = the line would skip a foot. I thought at first thee was a piece of debris coming through…then when it passed through…the line would start up again. BUT…that doesn’t sound like what’s happening.
    Let me know on that.
    Yes…M-B were quick with me too. I liked them.
    Keep in touch.


    After I posted that the other night I saw that the conventional machine you have is almost identical to the liner dynamics model I have. I have been running two things through my head with the flow problem. One being I was using the Sherwin Williams Setfast paint which I dis not thin at all before using. Do you usually thin your paint any before use? My second thought was that maybe the main paint line might be constricted from years of use causing poor paint flow to the gun, which I am going to be changing out that line this week.



    Hey Rob
    You know what…I couldn’t picture the LD machine. Now I know. I love my Conventional. I put a ball hitch on it. I wish I would’ve placed it more strategically though. I need it to be back closer to me…about 7″. I need an extension to reach it. No biggee…but I can change colors in my airless more quickly than changing the extension…just to reach the ball…! aarrrggg…oh well.
    It may not be the SW. Their Hotline is known to clog airless machines. I’ve had much trouble on 3 jobs. 2 were airports.
    …all my fault though. I did take a bigger tip to accommodate the solids in the paint. That said…the conventional has such a huge fluid nozzle…a small dog could pass through. SO…I don’t think it was the paint.
    All their other paints…46% solids up to 56%…are great. Too pricy sometimes…anyhow…
    That said…my conventional’s paint flow will slow considerably when something is trying to come through. The nice thing is that it will come through. Maybe I’ll have to crank the trigger on and off a few times quickly. Sometimes its just a flake or a skin…so…maybe changing out a line may help. It cannot hurt.
    Next…I’ve been straining my paint for a few years now. It just seem that there are more things in there these days.
    Last…no…I don’t “thin”. I have added a splash of water to the empty bucket…then swish it around to get the last of the residue paint…and then toss it all into the pot or bucket. I don’t call that “thinning”. After I talked to the “City” guy who added 50% to his paint…!…nope…I don’t thin it.
    Keep in touch…send a picture to my email if you want. I’ll try to post it.

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