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    hey Dan,

    got quite a few jobs coming up and some of them
    I feel like I can get done rather quickly, which allows
    me to do multiple jobs a day.
    my question is this, will leaving paint in my 3900 hurt anything,
    like the paint in the screen drying and clogging.
    do I need to take the tip out so it doesn’t dry over and clog?
    any advice is welcome here dude.
    jobs are about 30 min. apart, driving time, then time to snap all the chalk
    lines and then start spraying. that’s really about 45 min.
    to an hour between actual spraying, is that to long?

    another thing?
    do you pay any attention to your dash on your 3900?
    do you actually use for the purpose it was designed for?
    or, as long your lines look good then alls well?
    I have not!!!!!
    do I need to?
    will it help me?
    I understand how to use it, I just never use it.
    does that sound right????


    oh yea Dan,

    thanks for the help

    Piedmont Seal & Stripe


    Hey Brad
    How are you?
    Thanks for the post.
    NO…that amount of time is nothing…really…it’s nothing.
    First…try to only put enough paint into the bucket to do that job.
    If you need 6 gallons…put 4 in. Then only refill with 2. That way…when you drive down the road…it won’t splash.
    ( Don’t put 5 gallons in and then drive away…! )
    Next…again…that amount of time is nothing.
    There are times when I have mine in for days…days.
    I’ll have half the job done. I won’t clean it. It’ll rain. I’ll come back days later…everything is fine.
    The worst thing that happens is that there ends up being a skin over the paint.
    Some guys wrap a wet rag around the small opening in the lid.
    Try it…you may not sleep well that first night…but you’ll be fine.
    Last…the paint tip may dry. But…it’ll spray sideways for one second…but then you’re good to go.
    As far as the Dash…I only use it for the pressure. If I’m spraying a lot…I dial in 1900 or a little more.
    If I’m on a road…and it’s rough…and I’m riding at 5 or 6…etc…MPH…I move it up to anything I want…say 3300…?
    That said…yes…you’re right.
    What I’m doing is the same thing you’re doing…making sure the line looks good. That’s it.
    So again…yes, that sounds right…you’re doing fine.
    How’s that?


    Thanks for the help Dan!!!
    this will help a lot.



    I’ve got red latex sitting in a machine for 2 weeks now. I just recirculate it every now and then.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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