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    Does anyone have any experience with equipment made by KM International? Specifically the KM 55 melter? I own a 30 gallon melter from crafco now. The quality/durability/functionality is low, but the price reflects it. For practically 5x the money I would expect 5x the product. ($1,100 vs $5,000). Both units are constructed mainly from 16 gauge steel which leaves me skeptical. My 30 gal crafco has warped to the point of being useless after a few years. The guy at KM International told me that their units can last 20 years or more. He told me that their product is better because they use a reflective metal that lasts longer than the ‘other guys’.
    That point did not ease my skepticism. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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