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    Hey.. quick intro, I worked for a pavement maintenance company for 10 years everything from crackfilling, sealcoating, line striping, sign installation, pretty much anything. Left that job to pursue my college education where I graduated with a degree in chemistry and went on to work as a materials scientist. I’ve not quit my dayjob but have organized and assembled the necessary equipment to begin accepting striping jobs. My first job is next week but I’ve not really tried to reach out and advertise. My question to this forum is who can I reach out to? I’ve began to compile a list of commercial property managers in the area, so that’s one avenue. Next would be commercial contractors and local pavement companies, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea with limited hours of availability in that I work a regular 40 hrs right now. I’d be willing to put in whatever time to stripe, but I don’t want to reach out to someone and then tell them I’m not available at a particular time. So who would you reach out to? Thanks 🙂


    Hello Friend
    First…thanks for the post.
    Next…reach out to those individuals who have a self standing building where the owner is inside.
    How’s that?
    I solicited a Pizza place. 20 lines.
    I also solicited a Realty office. 7 lines.
    How about places of worship?
    How about “Mom and Pop” burger joints, donut shops…anything other than a franchise.
    ( Again…self standing building where the owner…or at least the decision maker is inside. )
    One of my first jobs was a Realty Office. 7 lines. I walked inside and said; can I re stripe your lot? I have a real striping machine. Not an upside down spray can. I show up after hours and when you show up tomorrow, it’ll be done. 75.00.
    First…they all looked at each other and chuckled. Then one guy said YES…! I said; Thanks. I’ll take care of it. ( Then I left. )
    It was 27 years ago.
    Friend…go find that building.
    And…to be clear…this is what I call the; “Retail Market”…as opposed to the; “Commercial Market”.
    Yes, the Commercial Market has every right to expect you to “follow” their crew.
    Bottom line…stay “Retail”.
    How’s that?
    Friend, I hope I helped.
    Let me know.


    Fantastic advice, and I sure appreciate it. Your approach seemed counter intuitive at first, I expected the people you mentioned to be the most frugal. But I started to take mental notes of what all is around in my area, and there is a lot of possibility with the type of businesses and people you describe. Weather hasn’t been my friend lately but I look forward to hitting the pavement so to speak while there is still a couple good months left. As an aside, thanks for keeping this site going. I’ve looked back on posts from many years ago and picked up nice tidbits of information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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