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    This new technology has demonstrated an excellent result when it is applied on the right cracks at the right time as it has also been able to postpone asphalt overlays, save expensive repairs and extend the serviceability of the roads and highways to 5 years and more. In addition, if the road contractors do not seal the cracks with the right method and material, the same cracks will be reflected to the new surface in less than one year. In another words, the cracks shall be sealed before performing the new surface.

    Marathon Equipment FZE is representing Canadian company Marathon Equipment Inc. which is an owned and operated manufacturer of wide variety of asphalt and concrete construction & maintenance equipment & material including crack routers, rubberized sealing kettles, hot asphalt haulers, transporters and seal-coating equipment.

    Marathon Sealing Equipment, Crack Sealing, Asphalt Crack Sealing , Dubai , Canada, UAE

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