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    If you currently offer infrared as a service, I would like to know about your experiences and how it can be used as a way to generate income for your business during the off-season. Please help!!


    I think that infrared work in the winter is going to depend a lot on where you are located. I’m in Maine, and I’m here to tell ya, it’s no picnic, but for those that jump into the water, it can be very rewarding. In the cold states the asphalt producers pretty much shut down, so you have to plan ahead for a source of supply for your RECLAIMER. (not hot box) There is top dollar work out there with gas & telephone companies around the larger metropolitan areas. They are not going to come looking for YOU. To get started, you need to “dig them out” and tell them how your new service can benefit them. Infrared is relativly new, and many potential consumers need to be “taken to school” and shown how the service can benefit them. In the coming weeks and months, I will be happy to try and answer specific questions about this emerging technology but it’s pretty hard to give a general overview because of the variety of areas and parts of the country different dealers live in. What would work for a dealer in the south, might not work in the North, and vice versa. Also, what works in the city, might not stand a chance in the country. I’m sure you all get the point. For now, I’ll just be ready to answer your questions as best I can.


    Industry Newbie – Can’t you just mix cold patch and some rejuvenator as an alternative to closed plants during the winter months?




    Why not? Please explain why cold patch and hot patch won’t work together.


    I never said that cold patch, and hot mix couldn’t be used together. What I said was, “cold patch, and REJUVINATOR cannot be used together! Rejuvinator is used to restore maltines, and asphaltines to aged hot mix. If you are using cold patch it is obviously new product. There would be no point in “rejuvinating” a new product.


    As a complete and utterly idiotic “Newbie” my real question is this:

    I’m considering purchasing an Infrared Heater, but in the cold winter months when the asphalt plants are closed, can’t you simply add cold patch in the “soup” to bring the repair level if necessary?


    OK….now we’re talking something different…..Yes you CAN mix in cold patch with your heated hot mix, if you scarify it well, and blend the cold patch into the heated area as you’re doing it…….You need to be aware if you heat the cold mix, it is much more volitile than hot mix. It should not really be heated much over 200 deg. because of the danger of “flashover”. You need to know that there is some form of kerosene used in the mixing process for your cold patch that makes it unpredictable at higher temps. The use of a hot box in conjunction with your infrared would be advisable. (so you can CAREFULLY heat your cold mix)


    here is a little trick that i use during the winter months to do the patch work i keep a pile of asphalt around for the winter i keep it squared off the best i can and use the infrared to heat what i need to do the patch work it limits how much you can do but it works out great for that custmer that needs that emergency patch done

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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