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    I am new to the asphalt game and have purchased a Ray tech mini combo and I am having problems with the end result of my patches. I have used both a plate tamper and a small ride on roller and I am finding the edges of my patches are “crumbly” for the lack of a better word. I have a big contract that is in jepordy if I can’t figure this out
    Does anyone have and ideas that might help me
    Vernon B.C.


    Shane — I don’t have the answer, but our moderator for this forum probably does. Hopefully he’ll comment soon. If not, we’ll find someone to help. Thanks for posting.

    Brett Neal


    G’Day Shane,

    I presume that your heater panel is 6 x 8; if so, make sure that any single patch is no larger than 5 x 7, therby leaving a 6″ heated but untouched ‘frame’ [/b]surrounding the re-worked section. Pinch roll the edges first and cover the finished patch with a coat of rejuvenator.

    Hope I have not stated the obvious – let us know how it is going for you.

    Aussie Ron
    1800 Infrared


    Aussie Ron is correct in what he told you. There is one other thing. Make sure that your compacter is running on ONLY the heated portion of the asphalt. If you get onto the unheated portion, it will lessen the impact. The rejuvinator is available from D&D emulsions in Ohio. One thing I might add, make sure that the pavement is hot enough when you compact it. I usually shoot it with a temp gun just before compacting. Good Luck.


    Thank you. One question if I am just pinching the first inch to start the compactor will be running mostly on the unheated asphalt and you were saying to make sure it is only
    Running on the heated portion? Or did I not understand your answae correctly?

    Thanks again for your help guys



    I don’t think that the start up is THAT important; just be sure that when you are “binding” the pavements you are running on ALL HOT material. You just have to play with this a little to find what works best for you. A lot of this business, you will find, is “self taught” but your education will pay big dividends down the road, because you will be just a little smarter than your compeditor!



    Pounder Emulsions which is a division of Husky energy, they are the Golden bear Distributor for western Canada. they should be able to help you out with emulsions for infrared repairs

    Pounder Emulsions
    Tel: (306) 955-7905


    I also sweep the untouched surface edge with the back of my glove making sure to sweep any material that is on the untouched asphalt back into the worked area. I also only pinch the two edges together running my walk behind roller mostly on the outer surface. This needs to be done as soon as possible. Pinching the edges together is the most crucial part. When your first score the asphalt, I like to get a sharp angled edge around the area to be worked using an asphalt rake turned over (the flat edge). By angling the edges, they seem to weld together better. You also might not be going deep enough around the edges.
    Hope this helps!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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