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    Hi everyone, I’m creating an eco-friendly parking lot on the edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Its presently a field that needs graded, prepared with drainage, gravel base installed, and asphalted. It’s 4 acres, but I’m wanting just one acre first because of costs, then as I promote it, I’ll add one acre at a time, until all 4 are complete. What will make it eco-friendly is what I believe will revolutionize parking.
    In response to a current shortage of parking spaces, and support for plug in hybrids, all-electric, and CNG powered autos, I’m going to display, sell and service these GREEN cars on my lot. Everyone can park there, but I’ll showcase what is available to us here in the USA. I will power my lot off grid via natural gas generators (first) then with this waste oil generator when available >>> http://news.cnet.com/8301-17912_3-10434771-72.html This will allow people to see, and benefit with real world use of new technology that they can use at home, and it will charge their cars while they’re at work. I’m simply responding to new data showing support for these cars >>> http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10434801-54.html and want to be on the cutting edge. It just goes without saying So wouldn’t it be IDEAL to have a parking lot that supplies electricity to refuel your electric car, natural gas for your cng car, a place to change your oil and use THAT oil to generate electricity from the waste oil generator to power the lot and recharge units and natural gas compressors? I want to go one more step though by buying a CNG bus and have my wife drive my customers to work and pick them up after work. That’ll help give a reason to build out the whole 4 acres into (I believe 170 spaces/acre X 4 = ) 600 + spaces plus the display and sales office. Do you think there’s a demand for this and what will it cost for YOU to pave one acre starting from scratch, not including striping?
    So how much, generally speaking, does a parking lot cost per acre when starting off with just dirt with minimal loads being hauled away? And what do you think of my idea?


    It’s a great idea. Doing it now would put you a little ahead of the curve I think, but that’s probably the best time to do it as long as you have the funds to keep it up. Once the masses start to buy these cars, the profits will be good AND you’ll probably start seeing competition too. I like it! I’m not a paving contractor so I have no idea how much it would cost to pave the lot. Great Idea. Keep us posted.


    I think it’s a great idea… It sounds like you’re setting up for the future “Electric station” (as opposed to gas station). However I think you have many barriers of entry. Location being the big one. Convenience another factor… Are the people around that area willing to purchase a new car? Even if a survey “hints” a strong demand, that does not mean in your locale that they actually purchase one. The next question is, Is it really convenient for them to use your service?

    Costs? I can’t imagine this technology being cheap and the cost of the vehicles…? Would someone be willing to pay that kind of money to drive only to and from work… (where else will they be able to refuel).. so that car they pay $20k+?

    Competition in technology… can’t say i know too much about it, but from what it sounds like… you’d be competing against Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell tech, which from what I remember they already have stations up and people test driving in Cali.


    Thanks for the input, But I do think that people will pay more for a new natural gas (which Honda already makes) or for an electric car, which there are several manufacturers for now and in the very near future. I’m starting to deliver campers from the Elkhart, Indiana area and just south of there in Wakarusa there is a new startup company that is partnering with Gulf Stream to build small Medium Duty Electric Only trucks. I hope to eventually transport these and maybe even sell them at my parking lot.
    In reference to whether it is convenient for a new car buyer to use my service, I think it goes without saying that they would have very little time invested in refueling their car because it would be taken care of while they’re working. This plan of mine is more about “Presence in the marketplace” and I think this avenue is going to have the most impact for the least overhead. I’ll let you know more as my plan unfolds.

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