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    Dan, this 2800M Titan pulsates and kicks in a couple times on each line, and is causing an hour glass look. It doesn’t seem to matter which breed of paint. Suggestions?


    Paveman Newbie… The Titan 2800M is a great machine. However we have seen this as a common issue with this machine. Especially with the heavier waterborne paints. Changing the 1/4 inch paint line to 3/8’s should solve the problem. Also insure that you have the motor wide open. Titan is aware of the problem (at least our reps are) and you should be able to negotiate a replacement hose to little or no cost.

    Greg… the “other moderator”!


    Hey Arcee
    …in this order…try these things…if you already haven’t…then let me know…
    1) Crank the pressure all the way up. Stripe a line. If the trouble is gone…cool.
    If so…back the pressure off a quarter turn…stripe a line…if it’s still good…cool.
    Then do it again…until the hour glassing appears. THEN…crank it back up a quarter turn…maybe even two quarters.
    2) Thin the paint. Most paint buckets give the allowable “reducing” = thinning amounts on the label. I’ve seen as much as 20%. That’s a gallon…!…per five…! The City workers cut the paint = thin the paint = reduce the paint 50%…! I’ve never added more than a splash. So try that…add a splash at a time. Remember…water is thin…paint is thick…so we’re looking for that place in the middle. …just a splash at a time…stir…circulate…stripe a line. ( I’m assuming the line does not pulsate when striping with water. )
    3) I don’t use the SW Hotline. I think it’s too thick. I do like the Set Fast paint lines they have. They have at least two. One has 50% solids…the other has…57%.
    Anyhow…the “Hotline” has 67%…it clogs my tips. Other people like it. You decide. Here’s my point…yes…there are paints out there that are either too thick and need reduced or…they have this sticky effect that will not allow the paint to “fan” out = stuck together. Adding a splash of reducer…water if it’s Latex paint…cures both ailments.
    I do not believe it’s the machine. If that were the case…2800s all over would be failing. Mine hasn’t. Don’t spend any money.
    Last…PM me the brand of paint you’re using. I have my favs.
    Let me know.


    I have read that some Graco machines, they suggest running the engine at near..die.. rates. I am using waterborne paints. I did the Sherwin Williams, as mentioned, Dan, on your americanstriping thread. I have a little problem, locally, as the local manager really likes my competition. Diamond Vogel did upgrade to 56% solids, to compete. I negociated a deal with the local Ramkota Motel. They hadn’t had the lot striped in 12 years, so you can imagine, it is nearly a new stripe, but I bid it as a restripe. They agreed to turn their heads at any mistakes.

    Anyway, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I use SW or Diamond Vogel latex. I have tried a max of about 70% on the pressure. I still get the kick in with the pump. I agree that the latex is heavy, but it does seem to spread nicely. I also noticed that I have a less thick area on both sides of the stripe, about 1/4 inch from both ends.

    Open to all suggestions.




    …you know what…I was going to ask…though it doesn’t make a difference when speaking about the hour glassing…what tip you’re using.
    The tip should have a 4 digit numbering system. In other words…it should read 1708…or…1908…or 1912…etc. If it does not…and if it has a three number system…it’s wrong. It’s a spray tip for walls.
    Again…this is not the trouble…but it would explain the “thin” paint on the edges. Striping tips have a different shape orifice…etc…I could get into that. BUT…you need a 4 digit numbering system on the tip for striping.
    Next..I use all 1912 tips for my Titan and the equivalent for my Graco.
    Next…turn the pressure up. Your machine thinks you want 1000 pounds or 1400 pounds of pressure. SO…that’s what ist is delivering…to push MUD…! My engine is all the way up. My pressure is anything I need. Again…crank the engine all the way up…just like you’re going out to mow the lawn…all the way up. If that makes a difference…cool. Then add a splash of water to the latex…and I’ll bet you’re see another difference…good to go. Let me know the results of that.
    Next…let me know what tip you’re using. Is it the 4 digit number? If so…which one. If not…buy a 1708 and a 1712.
    Next…when you think you’re ready to walk a little faster…buy the 1908…OR…the 1912…whichever you then prefer.
    How’s that?


    Dan, I’ll try thinning the paint after I boost the pressure up. I think I’ve been a little too careful in that arena. The manual says to increase only enough to spray, so maybe I’ve been running at 70% max.

    I’m using the 1708 tip, so that shouldn’t be the issue. I took a job working 4 10 hour days to help bankroll this new business. I got my first job two weeks ago and have only gotten half done due to rain nearly every day I have off. I’ll send some pictures to your other site, when finished. I have 56 spaces to do yet, plus 132 feet of curb. I need to get the hour glassing figured out as I want to try “long lining” the next two areas.

    I won’t be able to paint again today, as they have a flash flood warning out, but I may try to make room in my old garage and see if the pump kicks in and pulsates when spraying water. I never noticed before.



    Hey Arcee…you’re right.
    1) …”only enough to spray the paint”…
    And…this way is a way to find that certain pressure…= by boosting all the way…spray…then back it off a quarter turn…spray…back it off a quarter turn…etc. So, everything is looking good. You’ll get there.
    I don’t blame you for being careful. It’s all new…a new machine…venture…etc. You’re doing fine.
    That 56 space job sounds nice. My first job took me 4 hours. I went back 4 years later and knocked it out in 45 minutes…AND IT LOOKED MUCH BETTER THE SECOND TIME…! Plus…I billed twice as much. So…I cannot wait to see where you are in a year…
    Next…the curb is a type of long line…unless you’re talking about roads. I love roads. Anyhow…practice with water…spraying at a 45 degree angle.
    You’ll get it.
    Last…try either the SW Set Fast…or the PPG brand. SW has two solid contents…50% and 57%. Try whichever they carry.
    PPG is creamier I believe the Part Numbers are 11-53 and 11-54…White and Yellow Resp.
    Let me know.


    Well, I finished my second job. The hour glass lines are still there. I didn’t change the hose yet. I bought this machine used. The guys had done 3 jobs with it, in September of last year. I picked it up in January. I’d hate to change to a 3/8x 50 ft hose, but if that makes the lines straight, I guess I’ll have to do it. The Titan manual for this 2800M really doesn’t give much help. When I hit the trigger to spray the paint, is the pump supposed to work all the way through? The pump shuts off, then kicks in a couple of times throughout the 18 foot line. When it kicks in, the line widens.

    Maybe I need to crank the pump up so it runs every second the trigger is pulled?


    Hey Arcee
    …yes…crank everything up.
    Crank the engine all the way.
    Crank the pressure all the way.
    Spray a line.
    If it’s still there…we have two options…
    1) “Reduce” the paint = “thin” the paint…
    SO…add a splash of water…maybe a “half cup of coffee cup amount”…stir well…circulate…
    Try another line. Try this method only two times = two “half cups”.
    NEXT…change paints. If you
    ‘re using SW Hotline…it has 67% solid material in it. I don’t use it.
    Try SW SET FAST…there are two types…
    1) The type that has 57% solids…great paint.
    2) The type that has 50% solids…great paint.
    Next…make sure the tip is a 17 thousandth = .017″ = a 1708 designation…OR BIGGER…such as a .019 = 1908.
    Bottom line…crank the engine…just like you’re going to mow grass…all the way up.
    Crank the pressure all the way up.
    If it’s still there…”reduce” no more than twice.
    If it’s still there…change paints. Try one that is less in solid material.
    AND…to make it a little easier to spray through the tip…try a .019 instead of a .017…though it should be fine with the .017.
    Get back to me.
    How’s that?


    Well, cranking the pump up didn’t cure the hour glass look. I’ll try adding a little water to the latex paint. I am using Diamond Vogel latex. It has 56% solids. I really like the look of the stuff. I believe that DV only offered 46% last year but had to up it to keep up with the Jones’.

    The guys at Diamond Vogel seem to want my business more than Sherwin Williams. I’m sure that the local rep is pretty close to my competion. The downside is that DV closes at 1 on Saturdays, while Sherwin Williams is open 7 days. DV keeps a 5 gallon pail in stock for me, and doesn’t charge me until I pick it up, and I’m paying $14.78 per gallon, where Sherwin Williams was in the $18 range.

    My first 3 lots were all pretty rough and in need of sealcoating. Next week I’ll be doing an apartment complex with a pretty smooth surface. If the guys like my work, it will bring a few more jobs, as they own quite a few places. I’m hoping the splash of water helps.

    I talked to Mike, at Titan. He agrees with you that thinning should take care of the issue. I mentioned changing to a 3/8 inch hose, and he said no, period.

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