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    Im thinking of purchasing another graco stripe machine.
    ive been looking at the 3400 but im wondering if its as good of a machine
    or durable like the 3900 dual liner that i have already. havent had any problems
    with my 3900, and i love the dash, comes in handy. but ive been thinking of getting
    a 3400 just to use to do my stop bars and arrows and stenciling with. Or do
    i need to use the 3900 for the stencils and the 3400 for the lines. just trying to make my jobs go faster!!!!
    right now we are taping off the stop bars, blue block for the handicap, arrows, and speed bumps and
    rolling them with paint rollers.
    which is faster?, taping off and rolling, or taping off and spraying????????
    rolling……….paint dries faster but takes longer to do
    sprayng………paint takes longer to dry but its quicker
    either way……….im buying another machine, just dont know which one i want
    any help will be nice


    Hello Brad
    How are you?
    And…congrats on the work. Buying a machine to keep up is great news.
    It’s not just a sign of the economy…it reflects upon you too.
    Congrats again.
    Brad…I don’t think you can go wrong on any of this.
    The 3400 is great. It can do anything.
    The 3900 is what I have. It can obviously do anything.
    Next…let me throw a wrench into the system…do you have a Rider?
    Do not underestimate the time saving you will experience.
    Next…the 3400 cannot accept a Rider.
    The Graco 130 can. Take a look at that. It’s a bit over priced…and new…but its out there.
    Next…the Titan 2850 can accept a Rider. That frame is able to hold the Ball Hitch.
    Bottom line…if you can take the plunge…maybe a Rider…hook that to your existing 3900…and then also buy the 3400…for the helper…who will walk…or the Titan 2850…just so you can have the option of hooking up a Rider to it.
    Next…I have a buddy who has the Rider and a 2850. If you want…I can introduce you to him.
    Next…I only tape the 24″ dimension of the Stop Bars. I stripe the 12′ dimension. ( I use the tape to assure I have a nice crisp edge there. ) I make sure the far “right” stripe is clean and pretty…and the far Left stripe. The “middle …I just go! Then… I pull the 24” tape and have a crisp starting point…every time.
    Next…I don’t tape off the Blue Block. There’s a video on my site showing how I do that. I think its 8 or 9 dollars…? I do trace around my stencil…making a 47″ x 47″ block. I slide that HC aside and hand roll.
    Last…as far a Speed Bumps go…I don’t “paint” those. If you mean…solid yellow…don’t do that.
    My buddy…here in town was sued because traffic paint is not supposed to be used on broad areas. Yes, he won in court…but had to take “Safety Classes”.
    Next…I stripe a 4″ line to border the SB. I’ve also just “painted” the tips…and middle.
    OR…paint a border and maybe a line in the middle to offer two lanes.
    Be careful on broad sweeping areas.
    Last…there’s more than one way to skin a cat. One friend uses a small Titan 850 only for Blue. Another has a “Picture Frame” stencil. As for me…?…I just refuse to put Blue in my gun for a couple HCs. Again…you choose what you like…move on.
    And…again…congrats…all this sounds like you’re doing well. Good work. People are hiring you. All good things.
    Did I help?

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