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    I received a call yesterday, a company wanted a lot striped today for overflow parking during the holidays. It did not have to be done well, just get it done, NOW. It was a cool day, a jacket was needed, with no sunshine and nearly raining, over 80% humidity. I was to start a new layout after lunch, and paint 3 double rows of parking and be gone before dark.

    I am luck that I had Dans’ book “How I Stripe a Parking Lot” because I had never needed to stripe to a long rope before it was a method I had never practiced. I made some errors, but I learned a lot, and can do it correctly the next time, thankfully the book to get me started. Just could not have done this using a chalk line.

    I was also lucky in that I had some of the Professional Paving MX paint on hand. I considered looking for some Alkyd paint, because I was very worried about the drying time in the cool damp weather, but it dried probably within 15 minutes to no track. I seldom paint when a jacket is needed.

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