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    I’m a rookie to the striping world and researching the buisness to determine if i can do some part time work. I have an opportunity to purchase a Graco 5000, 97 or 98 model from my father in law, who does striping part time in another state. It’s been used once and is the same model that he is currently using. He purchased it, thinking that he may eventually need 2 machines, but he’s happy with his current work load and offered it for sale. The price is $3700. I think it’s a good price and the fact that he’s using the same model and has alot of information to share makes me corfortable with the deal. It might be more than i need as a beginner but the newer base models are in this price range. How do these older models compare to the newer generation Graco models? It would initially be used for restripes and i’m guessing oil base paint. I’m in Montana as far as weather and climate and i’m hearing that most are using airless machines. The local SW store sells and services Graco and Titan. I am concerned about the waste, but the paint rep said most of what is being sprayed is oil base, so ther must be solutios to the waste issue. He wasn’t any help in that area. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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