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    Here’s a comparison…a list of sorts…

    Conventional Machines

    Parts: Engine, Compressor, Paint Pot, Valves, Gauges, (3) Guns.
    Weight; A little heavier.
    Can make minor adjustments to the paint volume.
    Can make minor adjustments to the atomization of the paint.
    Sealed paint pot = less cleaning, you can travel, holds more paint, can’t spill.
    Hard to clog this machine.
    Machines are a little easier to work on.
    1/2 quart total to clean and no waste.
    Separate guns for striping and stenciling.
    Stencil gun is easier to finesse.
    Parts are less expensive.
    Changing colors isn’t bad.
    Curbs and curves; not a problem.
    Glass beads; not a problem.

    Airless Machines

    Parts: Engine, Hydraulic motor, Hydraulic Pump, (1) Gun.
    Weight; A little lighter
    Can make minor adjustments to paint volume.
    May have to “reduce” the paint a little to get a proper width.
    Travel after you take simple measures.
    Hard to clog if you take simple measures.
    Machines aren’t as easy to work on.
    (2) to (4) gallons of paint thinner or water waste after cleaning = cost and disposal.
    (1) gun for striping and stenciling.
    To stencil or “touch up” = POW!
    Parts cost a little more.
    Changing colors isn’t bad.
    Curbs and curves; not a problem.
    Glass beads; not a problem.

    Again…I have one of each. I use each machine almost daily…since 1993.
    I recommended an Airless to an established seal coater…who wanted to stripe some of his own work…as his first machine. Why? Because you must use latex = water based paint on freshly applied seal coat. This would be his market. At least to start. Using inexpensive water…to clean out Latex from an Airless that’s used a few times a week is a breeze…and a good place to start.

    I recommended a Conventional from JCL to someone else who wanted to start his striping company from scratch. Why? Because his first few jobs would be Re-stripes. Simply find a small lot needing a Re-stripe and approach the owner. And…more than likely…oil based paint…especially if the work is at night or on cooler days. (The dry times are shorter.) Also…I think the Conventionals are easier…more forgiving…for a rookie. Cleaning is a breeze, too. It takes (5) seconds and there’s no waste.

    Anyhow…I like ‘em both. Neither one’s for sale.

    Dan Z.
    American Striping Co.


    Dan Zurcher
    American Striping Company


    convential from JCL..who is JCL? what type of conventional? brand? cost? will get me started
    thank you


    Hey Don…Good point…and thank you.
    JCL Equipment Company, Xenia, Ohio. 1-800-76LINES…ask for Jim.
    I’m referring to the HRL-1.
    I recommend the air curtains.
    I also recommend the Binks 2001 for stenciling.
    I think it’ll be under $4000.00 out the door.
    I hope that helps. Let me know.


    Hi Dan:
    Thanks for the insight as to this forum.
    No questions right now, I’ll just hang out for a while and learn and share.


    Has anybody ever tried the Auto Layout on the Graco Line Lazer units? If you are doing a newly coated parking lot this new unit saves you TIME and MONEY.

    Just imagine taking measurements with the striper, scrolling through a menu that you input your length and width of stall. and BINGO the unit calculates that number of stalls based on the its measurement. But what if the the calculation is not accurate or the number you desire. Maybe your using a blue print and it has a different number of stall count. On the screen of this unit you can increase or decrease the total and it will re-calculate the dimensions of the stall to accomodate your desired total. No more snapping lines, marking with chalk cans back pain, and everything else you have to endure to layout. Not only does this unit do regular layouts, it can calculate angled stalls, double line, curved stalls, and cycles. If your interested in learning more about this unit or would like a demonstration in your area reply to this post and I can make arrangements. Trust me this unit will increase your productivity ten fold!

    Thanks for your time


    I think I disagree. But…I want to be fair…so first I’ll say this.
    1) I own a Graco. I own a Titan. I also own a conventional. I love each one. No complaints…at all.
    2) I started striping in ’93. In ’98 I completed my 1000th job. Don’t be impressed. That’s only, about, 200 jobs per year.
    OK? OK.
    Now…to my readers…try this…
    A) Get a can of spray paint.
    B) Spray a polka dot onto the ground.
    C) Walk 9′ and spray another one…don’t look back!
    D) Walk another 9′ and spray another one.
    E) Repeat this process until you have 20 polka dots in your row.
    F) NOW…look back. Are they perfectly in line = perfectly straight? Probably not.
    Ask yourself…could you drive a perfectly straight line…for 180′?…while your striper sprays a polka dot for you? Maybe?
    Phase Two…
    A) Walk 36′ away and make a parallel line of polka dots. That’s right…36′ away and 9′ apart from the first row. Again…you have 2 rows of polka dots…kinda parallel and each dot is 9′ apart. OK? OK.
    B) Connect the dots…(between the 36′ dimensions). Let’s make it simpler…
    C) Put (2) dots on the ground. 36′ apart. Paint a stripe between them…perfectly straight…razor sharp…as though you snapped a line.
    Could you do it? Could you do it 20 times in a row?
    NOW…here’s more…
    What if there were (3) double bays to stripe…and…they lined up? (In a minute, I’ll send you to my site for a video.) Could you do that? What if there aren’t any islands to give you a “starting point”? …as if islands are always perfect.
    Would I do this?…never…especially on a NEW LAYOUT. Never. Would I drive around trying to go straight…without snapping a line? Never.
    That said…would I ever “unload and go” on a Re-stripe? Yes.
    Would I ever “unload and go” on a Re-stripe over seal? No. I still snap. (Ok…maybe once every few years on that one perfect job.)
    Would I ever “unload and go” on a brand new layout? Never.
    OK…that said…I’ll bet these things have a purpose…angled lines in a parking garage?…spraying polka dots every 150’…inside the suicide lane…so workers can know where to place DOT arrows…etc.
    Here’s my conclusion…I’ll wait. I’ll see how these things sell. I’ll wait for the other guys to let me know how they use them.
    Now…go to my site. http://www.americanstriping.com
    Click on the Video link.
    One video deals with how to make your lines…not only straight…but “lined up”. Think it through.
    And keep this in mind…your dots not only have to be straight…but they, too, need to be lined up.
    So…will this save you time…yep. Money?…those two things kinda go hand in hand…so…yep.
    (unless you have to do it again…or don’t get paid)…nothing personal.
    But…will it give you the lines you need…on a brand new layout? Be careful.
    Last…I love my Graco. I also love my Titan and my Conventional.
    See ya.
    Uncle Dan


    This is cool. A friend of mine would be interested. I’ll have him join here to contact you directly.

    Placement financier


    Thanks Renee
    I do want to be perfectly clear.
    I’ve just used my Graco 3900 for probably 50,000 feet…last week…= 27,000′ of a double yellow line…10,300′ at THEE Ohio State University…11,400′ on Glick Rd…(like you know where that is!)…and Meijers Grocery Store…The Sports Barn…The LTD…did I mention the schools?…and it never quit.
    Next…I never cleaned it either. I do run water through it though…once…when I change colors. Twice to actually clean it. It’s proving to be a nice little machine. It’s one year old…well…one season old.
    Next…next…I will use Alkyd for the first time soon…this year. Welcome to Ohio. I’ll use my Conventional. (You can see more on this machine on my site.)
    Someone once said…The Conventional is like the Harley Davidson of stripers. It may not be your first machine…(it was mine)…but you may try one…one day.
    I do sell Titan’s from my site. Please don’t buy unless we talk first.
    I will also hook up a friend in Pennsylvania with the Graco Rep., as soon as I hear back.
    I want you to have what’s good for you. I want you to succeed.
    Keep in touch.


    Thanks for the insight as to this forum.
    No questions right now, I’ll just hang out for a while and learn and share.


    Hey you know what…?
    I always thought you could go back and buy the Auto Layout after you bought the Striper…in case you wanted it then.
    I’ve even told a couple people that. I forget who told me…doesn’t matter.
    I don’t think that’s right. I heard a guy named Dave…a Graco Rep…giving a Presentation / Seminar…and he said…”you have to buy it at the same time you choose the machine”. I believe you need the correct “Mother Board”.
    It’s not just the apparatus that holds the spray can, mount…etc… Again…I believe he said…”it’s in the Mother Board, too”.
    I’m thinking it has to be a package deal.
    So…if you want the Auto Layout…or think you may want it…check first on that.
    And…I’m callin’ Dave @ Graco.
    See ya.


    Good point on the list of comparison. I’d like to thank you. This is gonna help me out a lot.


    Hey jsmith7
    …anytime. I still have my conventional. I may move the ball hitch back 7″ or so. I use it for “Temporary Striping”, along with my Graco, on certain roads…that’s it though. I use my Graco for everything else.
    Keep in touch.

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