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    does it really make a difference wether you use single or dual coated glass beads for waterborne? i heard they don’t inbed in the paint well?


    Canadian Road Striper.
    Let me figure something out.
    I’ll be back.


    Canadian Road Striper
    Try this link…http://www.potterseurope.org/documents/highways/highwaybeadsts-english.pdf
    I always thought the beads had to do with size.
    I’ve used “standard” beads when I would apply Thermoplastic to an “Off Road” application = a ring road to a hospital or small intersection or a Shopping Center entrance.
    I was then required to use a Federal Spec beads to paint (2) airports. Again…I thought it had to do with size and therefore…reflectivity = the larger the diameter = the more it would “sit up” in the certain mil thickness of paint…and reflect the light of the cars…planes.
    So…when you said…”double coated”…I immediately though you meant…a double drop system…now…reference this link… http://www.advancedstripingequipment.com/contact.html
    Take a look at the “Double Drop Bead System”…vs. the “Single Drop System”.
    This is what I thought you meant = Two “Coats” of beads. Now…just to finish this thought = the first bead dispenser…dispenses the “big” beads…then the second bead dispenser…dispenses the “little” beads…= two “coats”…simultaneously.
    Anyhow…Potters Beads will have some kind of coating on them…but I’m still not too sure it would adversely effect things.
    Have I helped? Is anything here useful?
    Let me know.


    Hey Dan,

    I was told that some of the new traffic.. waterbased paints. needed dual (polyurathane?) coating. i was wondering about if it really mattered that you used single coated. it would “inbed” in the line the same? i know that singles are good for oil based. it’s waterborne i am wondering about. it costs quiet a bit more per lb.
    Thanks, Raymond

    P.s yeah i think that dual drop bead system is cool. never used it though.


    I called Potters. That’s the glass bead company.
    It was their link I supplied earlier.
    I did talk to someone about the coatings…but I got off the phone too quickly.
    I was left with a few unanswered questions.
    So…now it’s Saturday…and I’ll call again Monday.
    That said…I have a truck parking lot to stripe and stencil…then a “Sports Barn”.
    Anyhow….I may call them from my truck.
    I’ll be in touch.
    Last…I’m with you…how can another “coat” of something make that much of a difference.
    Take a look at that first link I supplied. It does mention coatings. It mentions them as though different coatings would adhere to different binders. But it doesn’t go any further.
    I’ll figure it out.
    I’ll be in touch.
    OK last…last…I may ask Paveman to put these last few posts into a new topic called Thermo. Maybe then someone else can pitch in.
    I’ll be back.
    OK…I’m back already. I went to http://www.pottersbeads.com There’s a section on info. I’ve read it. All it said was that their beads could be used on…blah…blah…all stuff. But nothing about “coated”. So…I sent in a question via their email. As soon as I hear…I’ll get back.
    Thanks again.


    OK I’m back.
    I received an email yesterday that had an attachment.
    It dealt with speed of the vehicle etc. = more to do with application than “why are they coated…and…what do the differences in coatings produce…i.e. dual coatings?”
    So…I asked my email to be forwarded to someone else.
    This morning I received an email confirming that it was…forwarded.
    I’ll be back later after work. I hope to have more.

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