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    John Gibbons

    whats the real differnce between fass dri and fsa whats blacker and whats better?


    fass dri, is a consentrate fsa. it comes in a two gallon pail or 5 gallon pail. you should put 2 gallons in with 150-200 gallons of consentrate sealer. either additive will make your sealer blacker as it has a great reaction to the asphalt components of pavement sealers. thanks. any further questions please just ask!! thanks.
    Mark McLeod
    Maintenance Inc.


    I had someone tell me that fass dri was not that good. They said that there is nothing out there that dries from the bottom up? I am a seal coater and like to treat my customers well. I just would simply like to know what is the best to use? Also what is the quickest time to open up a parking lot? I am doing dunkin donuts and they do not close.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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