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    Helo Pavemanpro’s! Wow, what a tough spring on the weather side all over the country. Thank goodness it is starting to break open a little. In my last few road trips since i chatted here with you a few contractors have asked me to clear up some confusion about our FSA additive for pavement sealers. First off FSA reduces cure time by 50% or more, i suggest you use a typical range of 2%-4% based on undiluted sealer. FSA also improves the handling properties and the performance of pavement sealers in several ways. 1.- reduces tracking and power steering marks. 2.- Improves adhesion and improves flexibility, especially low temperature flexibility. 3.- Improves abrasion resistance and decreases sand roll out by increasing the binder to aggregate ratio and by increasing the cohesive strength of the sealer making the sealer film tougher. 4.- FSA will not thicken sealer even at higher levels of addition. Some of you pavemanpro that use FSA have asked, will as little as 1% improve dry time? Yes! Will adding more FSA quicken dry time even more? Yes! Will adding FSA cause pot life problems? No! FSA does so many things that improve your sealer. Can you put FSA in with other additives already in the mix? Yes! FSA does not thicken sealer, FSA improves oil and gas resistance, improves sand dispersion while reducing dry time by 50%. So you see FSA does so much more than just dry and cure the sealer film. Some of you ask, when should i use FSA, Every load! Yes! FSA is a tremendous additive for everyday use as you can see the benefit’s from the above of putting FSA in your mix. When Temp’s are marginal(extreamly hot and humid, cold and damp and weather is a daily factor you should just kick it up a notch and put in more FSA to get the job done. Many of you purchase from our distributors world wide Fass-Dri pavement sealer additive in our 2 gallon pail, this is concentrate FSA. This i recommend for those spring, fall days and days where you are in the shaded sealed areas. Fass-Dri PSA can also be used everyday, but it is strong, being concentrate and you may not need that much dry power but more cure power on an everyday basis.. both will definitely get the job done. Well Pavemanpro’s the time is now to get with your sealer distributor and pick up some FSA. The “Original” additive for pavement sealer. Will be back next time with more about additives and their uses. If you have questions, please post them on pavemanpro here and i will answer your welcomed questions.

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