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    I’m working on buying a used Graco 3400. It is half priced, but the guy doesn’t know how old it is, but says it works well, and won’t need to worry about warranty for a long time. He said he’d even take the pump apart and show me that it hasn’t been used much. My question is…he has had it in storage for quite a while, and it is sitting in a cold garage. He said he filled the unit with diesel fuel as it is better than paint thinner, because it has a lubricant in it. I know it does have lubricant, but wouldn’t it be hard to clean out, and wouldn’t it end up in the paint somehow. He says he has been painting for 30 years and never had a problem. He uses it for house painting and not striping.



    Hey Arcee
    How are you?
    Here’s my first few thoughts…
    The “half price” seems fair. And…my machines sat in cold storage too. Not a problem.
    Next…every time I got my machine back from the local Airless Pump Repair Guys…they put Kerosene in it. Here’s my point…just because I don’t understand the Diesel Fuel thing…it might be great. Maybe someone else can advise on that. I always just use Anti-Freeze. Again…I can’t say one way or the other.
    Last…I cannot stop thinking about a used car. I would still need to drive it. Unless it was the “Corvette in Grandma’s Garage”.
    ( I may or may not sell my Conventional. But, I’m expecting to fire it up and spray. )
    Is there any way to see it in action?


    Dan, I did pickup a 2800M that had been used 3 times. You say that you can prime the machine with kerosene and let it sit for a couple of months? When you go to use the machine, what do you clean the kerosene out of the system with?



    1) That’s what the mechanic shop, that I went to, did as a practice.
    2) I put Anti Freeze in mine.
    And…if you buy the Eco Friendly kind…the disposal isn’t a problem.
    Besides…I know I could find a Kerosene Fuel Pump…but finding Anti Freeze is easier!
    How’s that?
    P.S. Congratulations.
    ( wait one day…then visit my site…I just added Stencil KITS…if you need one! )


    What kind of antifreeze? I’m guessing that it doesn’t make much difference whether you use antifreeze, diesel fuel or keronsene. One guy uses diesel fuel because it has lubrication in it. I’m still wondering what a person uses to clean the system out before filling with paint.

    I’ll check your stencils out this weekend. This 2800M came with over 25 different stencils, most made out of the LDP poly, but some are cardboard.

    I don’t know if you have run into this or not, but it is the strangest thing. The city of Aberdeen, SD says I have to pickup a Transient or Peddler’s license. I read the statute, and I think the city attorney was just trying to get me off the phone in a hurry. The license costs $200/month, plus I would need to purchase a $1000 surety bond. I’m not quitting that easily. The town only has one striper doing the whole town, and there is money to be made. The transient license is for those that go door to door or street to street. To me, it appears to be put together for residences. Interesting.


    That sounds great. The LDP is perfect. Good deal.
    Next…I only have used Anti Freeze. I don’t have any use for Kerosene. So…I buy Anti Freeze. If I have any extra…at least I can use it in my car or truck.
    And…I’ve used straight Anti Freeze…and also 50 / 50 mix of AF and water.
    If it doesn’t allow the car to freeze up…my machines are fine. Plus…it lubes too…doesn’t it?
    It’s that simple.
    Next…I think you’re right about the “Peddlers” license. 200.00 makes it too high…and probably gets many to NOT go house to house.
    I would try the State of SD. I have a Vendor’s license. It’s 25.00 per year. I also have a Trade Name Registration. I think it’s 60.00?…per year?
    I cannot believe that any company would pay 200.00 per month just to do business in your city.
    I’m thinking you’re right…the ATTY misunderstood.
    Call Pierre State Offices…or something like that.
    Keep me posted.


    The seals in the pump are plastic and leather combo i am not sure diesel is the best choice it tends to make plastic soft. The spray lines are rubber and don’t like diesel either. We have 5 Graco line laser 3900’s we use Xylene available at Sherwin Williams paint stores. If petroleum products were used in the sprayer run mineral spirits through it to clean. Latex paints do not mix well with petroleum products.

    There is no way to show you the inside of the pump. If he pulls it apart it will need new seal kit. However you can put water in the bucket to see if the pump shuts off after building pressure. If it keeps cycling then you will need a seal kit about $50.0 .

    You can go online http://www.graco.com they have all the manuals online you can read and download for free.

    Our local Sherwin Williams store sells Graco parts. We use 1-2 skids of paint every week so they are more than helpful.

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