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    In your book, you advised us not to paint walk ramps, because paint is too slick for foot traffic, but many of my customers want the ramp highlighted. It seems to me that I have 2 options, paint it with traffic paint and add some sand for traction, or use a stain with sharkgrip or traction additive. Are the stains a good choice, and what is a good way to apply them? The ramps are usually small and could be done my roller, easier than spraying.


    Hey Stripe Guy
    Excellent post.
    I used SW Stain. It was a stock Grey. I also used a Stock RED…get it…?…Ohio State…
    Anyhow…there are stock = returnable colors.
    Try to choose one of those colors. I’m sure they have a Yellow.
    Next…it’s just like paint. It’s not thin. And…I rolled it too. It stinks too. It smells like cleaning agent or ?…have some ventilation.
    AND…I also added Shark Grip…just like you posted. All is well.
    Next…I would advise clients of the slip hazards of wet, outside paint, stain.
    Then, I’d also NOT…try to do the entire step. It’s not necessary. We can all see steps. AND…often times that decision isn’t one that came from “Corporate”. It’s the decision of ONE past manager or middle manager…or…?
    Is it “Right” or is it “Wrong”…I don’t care. IT IS a matter of Good, Better Best.
    AND…it’s best to either not paint…or do as we’ve discovered.
    NEXT…here’s a “thing” between you and I…word the bid…like this.
    OPTION A) Stain the steps using SW with Shark Grip…( word that more appropriately ).
    Option B) Add a Non slip application tape. ( Word that better too. )
    Option C) Leave it alone or add a hard sign, arrow…etc…Watch Step. ( Word that better )
    Here’s my thought…in a perfect world…maybe that client can then see…I’ll take the non slip, with the tape application and I’ll buy a sign too.
    OR…in an IMperfect world…it’s their choice to choose something on that page.
    Does that make sense?
    Bottom line…”I wouldn’t do that. Leave it alone, let me put a non slip or a sign there…or something. We’ll both be exposed to a one in a million bad day experience…or worse…breaking some’s elbow on a fall.
    NEXT…if you’re talking about the H/C Ramps…that are outside at the sidewalks…here’s what I do.
    I tape a triangle. It’s ONLY on the slope…which makes no sense…but it’s small and that’s where the terrain changes elevation. The triangle is the shape of the slope. It’s about24″ to 30″ long…x…6″ near the curb side.
    Next…here’s an idea…I wonder if we can add some rubberized mat there…that’s the shape of the triangle. OR…here’s another option to add to the bid…add a rubberized 24″ x 24″ rubberized NO SLIP mat there. Let’s face it…people may not slip…but the Wheel Chair may no be able to get up the small ramp in Winter conditions. It may be the best solution.
    Did I help at all?
    Let me know.
    Stripe Guy…thanks.


    I bought a gal of SW- H & C brand water base stain for a trial. I like it, it was thinner than paint, so it went on easily, pleasant to work with, and easy to clean up. It also looks great, and the finish is not as slick as paint. I have a couple of projects that I will use it as a real test case.

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