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    Hello pavemanpro’s. i want to say that i am so glad the political drain is over! now, we have a new president, and now we will wait and see if he will do what he says he is going to do. Obama wants to redo our infrastructure (Roads) all across the USA. I hope alot of money will be spent in the coming years for major reconstruction and road maintenance. As i travel across this great land, i see some road projects taking place, we need much more. Our inner cities need crack repair, parking-lots need maintenance, and rural roads need attention. I see a turn in attitude towards maintenance that is a positive reaction from some city and state representatives that now for some reason see the need for this vital maintenance. But the age old fear for the elected is who is going to pay for all this. Guess what you do! so stay on top of your elected officials to continue promoting major pavement maintenance. I am sure we all agree that this must be a priority in the coming years. Well it is show time again. NPE is gearing up for the Las Vegas and Charlotte shows, you have the world of asphalt show, and probably a few more. I was chatting with a contractor the other day about these shows. One question he asked me, “do these seminars and the show itself tell us anything new?” Yes! i have been attending industry trade shows since they began. I attended them first as a contractor, and then as an exhibitor. From the contractors point, no matter if you are a newby to the industry or an old veteran, these shows keep you in touch with what is happening in the industry. I cannot say that there is alot of “New” products and equipment out there, but you will get the latest innovations and techniques of equipment, application methods and you get to meet the industry powerhouses. for example Neal Manufacturing has a smart pump. Same type equipment but an innovative change that will make a deference in a contractors daily application. In my business of manufacturing additives, we introduced Targel-Plus. Without the trade shows a vast majority of contractors would not have known about it prior to the season start. It gave me a chance to face to face talk with contractors about the features and benefit’s of my newest addition to the family of Maintenance additives. Contractors who attend our industry shows meet other contractors and share ideas and hash out what works for them. The seminars have greatly expanded since the beginning. Today NPE has slotted professionals including contractors who in a neutral place can share their technique’s for success, new application practices, and best of all Q&A;right on the spot with a room full of fellow contractors. Round tables that become think tanks for problem solving. Exhibitors spend huge amounts of money to show their wares to the contractor. To me it is a gathering of all my customers and fellow industry friends, competitive vendors and a time to say hi! find out how their season went, whats on the horizon for 2009 in their area. I guess i am soft hearted about trade-shows. They are part of my success in this industry. I have met over the years so many great industry people, helped so many contractors, and sold so much additive from these shows. where else can you go an get deep industry knowledge for individuals who actualy use this equipment, from sweeping to marketing, striping to seal-coating, it’s all there. Why would you not want to be there? Workshops, seminars, exhibits, all at one place at one time!! get your free passes, register and attend. If you need free passes just call me at 800-892-6701 or email me at markm6262@yahoo.com and i will get you free passes for the NPE shows. I hope to see you all in Charlotte NPE. Maintenance inc is in Booth #418 i welcome all of you to stop by and chat about all your needs and concerns. I look forward to discussing Maintenance Inc. additives for your sealer applications. See you there! Mark McLeod- Maintenance incorporated “celebrating 70 years in the business of additive manufacturing for the pavement maintenance industry.”

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