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    Does everyone use a chalkline to mark a straight line to follow? Do you mark it in the center or on the edge?


    Hello Stripe Guy 2
    I do. I always do…ok…maybe not always…but kinda always.
    AND…I put mine = the chalk line…on the side.
    Next… preferably on the “Left” side. I can just see it better…you snap whatever side you want.
    Next…if I miss by a quarter inch…DON’T CORRECT…just stay one quarter inch off the chalk line…AND KEEP GOING STRAIGHT…!
    Next…and don’t try to “make up” the quarter inch on the next line either. relax…do your best. Go straight. Use the chalk line as a guide. You’ll do well.
    How’s that?


    Agreed with Dan. As a contractor we got good enough at just connecting two dots. But a chalk line insures a straighter line. We did left side. Before airless we had pointers so this was more important. With airless machines the gun acts as to pointer.

    Speaking of pointer… Here’s two.

    Many stripers use asphalt shingles at start of each line. It insures more consistent and straighter starts.

    Lastly we use to sell a Pre-mark real. It was a measuring tape premarked with measurements for different striping scenarios. They were great especially for beginners. We just did not sell enough to keep in stock. I am sure you can still get them.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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