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    i need a little light shed on the subject here.
    did a stripe job the other day and i had to do the white first then the yellow.
    i have my 3900 set for 4″ wide lines for white paint, but when i get ready to spray the yellow
    paint, it doesn’t spray 4″ wind, it sprays about a 3.5″ wide lines or less.
    didn’t change the height or anything…….set the white paint off………
    cleaned out the machine good……….set the yellow on……….and it sprays a narrower
    so i raise the gun as far as it can go and had to turn up the pressure to get the
    width that i needed. what do i need to do?
    has anyone seen this before, and if so, much help will be appreciated.
    hope things are going well for everyone.
    oh yea……….im using Sherwin Williams hotline white and yellow. I’ve seen this when its
    85 degrees down to 55 degrees.

    another thing…………….i did a job last year where it calls for 14000 linear ft. of line (all
    SW HOTLINE YELLOW, by the time i got halfway thru the job my 3900 seemed like it was struggling to
    push the paint thru the machine, and on that job i ran a little water thru the machine and that
    helped out a little.
    i guess with all this being said……….does the yellow have more solids in it or something???????

    any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Piedmont Seal & Stripe


    Hello Brad
    First…thanks for this. And…you’re right. Sometimes the paint doesn’t cooperate.
    That said…it’s not you.
    Next…I don’t think the paint has any different amount of solids. I believe it has 67%.
    But, sometimes it needs water. I’m not sure of the molecules…science…etc,
    BUT…sometimes it needs water.
    If the paint does not “break up”…into a fan…add a cup or so of water. Circulate that.
    Try striping again. If it helps…you are done. If not…add another cup or so. Circulate again…stripe again.
    I’ll bet that will do it.
    Next…I don’t consider this as “thinning” the paint.
    Sometimes…paint does not want to “let go of itself”. And…adding a cup or a “splash” of water will allow that.
    Next…that said…try a test shot after you add that “splash”. God forbid you head out to the job and end up spraying an 8″ line…!
    Last…again…it’s not you.
    And…try not to raise the gun too much. It’s always best to spray from a lower position. That way…wind is out of the equation…and you can see better. In other words…the higher the gun…the slightly harder it is to hit the “start” and “stop”.
    Brads…how’s all that?
    Let me know.


    Every bucket can be a little different. Most of the listed quantities like weight, volume of solids, pigment etc. have +/- a percentage. If you havn’t done so I suggest you look over the MSDS and Data Sheet of the paint. Just Google Sherwin Williams Hotline or ask your store.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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