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    Dan, your book says to pickup and carry a 5 gallon pail of sealcoat. At least I think I saw that somewhere. I need to bid a job and they want one of the handicapped areas changed to visitor(s). The lot isn’t going to be sealed, so isn’t very black. Is this how you would do it anyway. Also, they have numbers for each parking space. Would I be better off using a roller for these? There are only 25 numbers. The stencils are 12 inches, so I do have one set, but there would be a lot of uses for the 1 and 2. Lastly, for some reason, the previous striper had a stencil that said Visitors, not visitor. Suggestion?


    Hello Arcee
    How are you?
    Here’s what I’d do…go to either SW or PPG or Glidden or the local paint store…Lowe’s…? and buy a goolon of Black.
    Next…take an existing gallon or so of your White striping paint.
    Mix in some of the black…stir. Does it kinda look like the asphalt…? If not…add a little more and stir.
    You’ll never get it to disappear…but I try to match the shade of the asphalt.
    Next…same goes for the numbers. I can’t tell if you have to black out the existing or just spray new ones.
    But…if you’re blacking out the existing…black out a nice rectangle…right where the new number will go.
    Then…spray your numbers.
    Next…I wouldn’t order any more numbers. Yes…the 1 will get sloppy…just wipe it off every 3-4 digits. You’ll be fine.
    Next…the 2 will also get a little sloppy when you hit the 20’s…personally…I have a few sets on numbers…I’d probably grab 1 set and go.
    THAT SAID…I have a set of numbers that I’ll put on eBay. There’s small divit missing from the 2…you’ll see it.
    I’ll sell this as a second.
    I’ll put it up later.
    Next…I have a VISITORS and I have a VISITOR.
    VISITOR is correct English. That’s it. That’s all. You cannot get 2 visitors cars on there…but you can get two visitors in one car in that stall…blahblah. If you need a PLURAL VISITORS…let me know. Again…I’ve seen both…tomato … tomAHto…you decide.
    I hope that helps.
    Let me know.
    P.S. Black out nicely. Even put your stencil right where it belongs…trace around the perimeter…slide it aside…hand roll the interior…greyish / black…in a nice square or rectangle. It’ll look nice. Then…spray yours back on top…kinda like doing a Blue Block…but using grey / black that you mixed…to save money.
    See ya.


    Thanks, Dan. You said that you would get a gallon of black paint and mix some white striping paint with it. What type of black paint. I’m probably going to be using latex, but is there a special kind of paint that works for this?



    I use a good quality black latex…to mix with the white latex striping paint.
    Whatever store you choose…buying one gallon is better than buying 5.
    In other words…nope. Choose a good store…buy the paint…mix it to best shade you can…roll on.
    How’s that?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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