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    is it ok to leave paint in the machine , and the long hose after a job until the next job or does it need to be cleaned out right away ? using latex paint by the way.
    going to state the obvious here but im really , really new to this .
    is there a certain order of steps to do when i do clean the machine.
    i seem to hav mispalced the owners manual , was looking for a lil help till i find it as im not very experienced in this process , any advise or help would be great >
    last question , when i run water through it to flush the system do i leave that in the machine is that ok , it wont rust any internal parts of the machine ?
    thanks for any and all help on this


    Hello Maverick
    1) Yes. I do it. Many individuals do it, too.
    I’ve left mine alone for days.
    2) There is a certain order to things.
    I always try to think of it, though, as “What do I want to put INTO my machine?”
    THAT process is always the same. In other words…”Do I want to put paint into my machine?”
    Then do it this way.
    “Do I want to put water into my machine?”
    Then do it the same way.
    SO…here’s the order for the very first time you put ANYTHING into the machine.
    THEN…emulate the process.
    I put the siphon into …whatever…let’s say paint.
    HOLD onto the primer tube…which is in a different bucket.
    OPEN the valve…until paint comes through the primer tube. About 10 seconds.
    CLOSE the valve. Put the primer into the same bucket as the siphon.
    Hold onto the Primer and OPEN the valve.
    Now the siphon is sucking paint and it’s then going right back into the same bucket = circulating.
    Point the gun over the first bucket. ( The same bucket you just pulled the primer tube out of. )
    Pull the trigger and hold.
    THEN…and only then…CLOSE the valve. Paint will now begin to displace whatever is in the machine = let’s say water…water will begin to come out of the gun line…for about 15-20 seconds…because it’s just a longer line = a longer way to go…for the paint…so it’ll take a few seconds longer.
    When paint starts to come through the gun…let go of the trigger and then OPEN the valve = releasing the pressure.
    Now point the gun over the paint bucket and cautiously pull the trigger and hold. Then CLOSE the valve for the last time. Paint should be coming out of the gun…and simply going back into the paint bucket. Let go of the trigger. You’re ready to paint.
    Re-place the tip guard assembly = the tip and the guard…!
    Put the gun into the cradle or just start spraying stencils.
    Now…let me re-read this.
    I think it’s right.
    1) I’ll be speaking at the Memphis TN Pavement Expo this coming February. Try to attend my class…if you want.
    2) I have a video saying all this on my site.
    Last…DO NOT stand directly over either bucket. If you forget to open the valve and pull the trigger…whatever is in the bucket you’re pointing down into…will BLAST out and up into your face. MAYBE even TWICE IN ONE DAY…! Read into that…!
    Take your time.
    Here’s a rule…while “cleaning” or whatever we want to call it…= putting paint into my gun…putting water into my gun…whatever…
    If it’s NOT circulating … DO NOT pull the trigger.
    OR…think of it like this…
    If the pump is NOT pumping…do NOT pull the trigger
    ( same thing )
    OK…last…last…call me if you need.
    We can do this over the phone. Get by the machine…I’ll walk you through it…well…talk you through it.
    OR…I’ll make another video.
    Hope to see you in TN.
    Your friend.
    …now I’m going to post this and re-read it.
    See ya.
    P.S. “Leaving water in the machine”…
    You’ll hear some say…OMG don’t do it man…but, I’ve been fine.
    YES…just like if you left your car sit for…years…?…grass will grow and maybe “Dis-similar metal” corrosion will occur between the piston walls and the piston rings…but let’s face it…they’re beveled…and I’m not worried…at all.
    That said…I’m in a Winter state = OH. SO…sometimes…sometimes…when I know my machine will sit for a few days…AND…AND…I’ve not cleaned it for a FEW WEEKS…I’ll run water through it and ALSO splash some ANTI FREEZE into the water bucket. Yes…some things are RIGHT. Some things are WRONG…but most of life’s choices are GOOD, BETTER, BEST. So it is sometimes BEST to add a splash of lube…= plain old…easy to get…anti freeze. BUT…I do not clean mine every time. Nor do I add AF every time. Nope.
    OK…last…last…last…if you put your machine up for the entire Winter…in an unheated room…I’ve used pure anti freeze. Some use kerosene. But…I always have AF in the garage. Let’s face it…it kept the car and truck good for all these years. AND…my Titan and my Graco and my Conventional are still going strong.
    I hope that all helps.
    Let me know.

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