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    I was thinking of making a stencil my company logo and phone number, then spraying it in a conspicuous place at every job. Perhaps have it cut into the corner of my HC stencil and spray it on one of them.

    What are your thoughts??


    Hello ByHisStripes
    How are you?
    …you’re not alone.
    I’ve also manufactured a “reverse” type stencil…for someone else.
    He lays it right where the line gets striped. Then…when he stripes over it…his company and number doesn’t get paint.
    And…he’s a Sealcoater too. So…it’s a Yellow Line (or White) with a nice black sealcoated surface underneath that displays his info…in 3″ lettering.
    Also…a buddy in TN has a piece of plastic that has his info on it too.
    He just chooses a place to spray it.
    One place could be just anywhere. The piece of plastic is “stand alone”…about 6″ x 8” wide.
    OR…after the Blue Block is painted…he can also lay that 6″ x 8″ stencil near the corner and spray it then…within the Blue area.
    Again…apparently great minds think alike.
    Let me know if I can help. It’s just a matter of dropping the info into my Laptop…and cutting the stencil.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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