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    Here are a few ways you can make sure you get a good deal on used construction equipment.

    Test drive the used construction equipment yourself

    Don’t buy a piece of used equipment without a test drive. Don’t let your interest in a good deal get the better of your common sense. Even if the seller seems trustworthy, even if it’s a brand or model that has a stellar reliability record, even if you take a look at the item and it looks good, there is no substitute for a thorough test run..

    Inspect carefully…

    Go over the used equipment you’re investigating slowly and carefully. New paint can cover up a lot. Look for rust – poke suspect areas with a tool to be sure. Check underneath the vehicle for evidence of leaks. Inspect hoses and valves before and after the test run, so you easily spot fresh leaks.

    Use your common sense

    When you’re testing out used construction equipment, don’t go by a shiny outside appearance. Listen to the motor and the hydraulics– is the machine straining more than it should? After it’s been running for a while, are there any smells of burning oil or electrical problems? Do the controls feel as responsive as they should?

    Finally ask for maintenance records.

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