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    I wanted to purchase an ifrared unit. I was leaning towards an asphalt radiant blue unit. Are these units prone to burning the asphalt. I was told any unit can burn the asphalt if left on to long. Thanks!



    Have you looked at the Kasi Infrared units? Anything can burn the asphalt. With training, it will be avoided and the end result will be a great job.


    Radiant Blue is manafactured by ARS which is one of several choices you might have. There is also Kasi, Ray-Tech, and KM as additional choices. Sorry about the late reply.



    You heard right. Any infrared machine can burn asphalt but it is not difficult to learn the proper techniques needed through some minor training. Ray-Tech Infrared is the top choice for infrared repair equipment and we will be glad to assist any of our customers in learning just how to use the equipment they purchase as well as supplying them with all the information they would like on how the machines really work. I would advise you to look around at all the companies first and really compare the quality of machines to decide just what you need for your line of work. Good luck!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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