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    Well pavemanpro’s, a sad day today in the pavement maintenance industry as we lost another icon. Bud Smith founder of Pavement Tool Manufacturers Inc. passed away Sunday October 11, 2009 in Gladewater, Texas. Most all of you Pavemanpro’s have at one time or another held a tool made by pavement tool. Bud was not only one of our industries most respected leaders, but was a trade-show legend. As for myself, i met Bud with his big Texas 10 gallon hat, and fancy cowboy boots at our national trade-show many many years ago. You could always find a big smile and a big Texas laugh with a handshake as big as Texas.. Bud always took the time to listen to me and my concerns with tools and his “New” items he would develop and introduce each show was something to look forward to. I know his family and staff will miss him dearly. Sometimes we have to take a step back and remember all the friends this man had in the industry. Sometimes we also have to give credit for the little things that Bud Smith did for so many contractors and manufacturers. There were no too small orders that he was not willing to take, there were no questions that Bud did not try to address. I will miss Bud and i know many will also. Another industry icon is lost.S ad day for all of us. He will be missed. My condolences to Bud Smiths family and Staff.

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