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    Hello, i’m a rookie to striping. Can someone give me hints or tell me how to block off an apartment complex parking lot? Is this a 2-3 day process? Does complex tell renters what day to clear out of lot sections?


    Hello Mr. Bud
    Here’s what’s worked for me…then I’ll tell you what others have done.
    IF…again…IF it’s going to be a HOT day = dry times are very short…then I tell the MGR…”don’t do anything. I’ll show up at 10 AM…when the Sun is nice and high…and almost everyone has gone to work. I’ll cone off a nice section…just the stalls…and spray away. Dry times will be short and I’ll pull the cones as I move around the lot in a uniform fashion.”
    That’s what I do, Mr. Bud. It always works. So…yes…it’s a 2-3 day trip…but it’s middle of the day. SO…I’m out at 4 PM…? That’s when some are returning home. (Just like a City Street job. I’m not allowed in the “Inbound Lane” until after 9AM and I must be out of the “Outbound Lane” by 4. No biggee.)
    That said…I’ve passed on some complexes…and I’ve added to my ESTIMATE for others…and on some…I go after them…aggressively. Take a look at the surroundings. Some complexes are conducive to this type of plan. Others aren’t. You decide.
    Next…don’t be afraid to talk to the owner about semi-obvious upcoming concerns…like…?…the broken boat trailer…or the abandoned car…You will skip those stripes “and the job will still be considered complete”.
    Next…”Others” pass out fliers or send emails to their Tenants. This helps. But…not as much as you think. People still get the kids to school and still leave for work…at the same times…etc. Again…it’s up to you.
    Last…I’ve always found cool people. The Ground Maintenance Person will talk to a tenant…the actual tenant will see the cones and ask…”Hey…!…do you want me to move that…!?” AND…your response is always…PLEASE…! AND COULD YOU PULL INTO A STRIPED STALL FOR ME?…or…YES…!…IF YOU’LL JUST PULL BACK…I’LL STRIPE IT AND YOU CAN PULL RIGHT BACK IN…! ( You are going to be viewed as “very welcomed”…even a hero…!)
    It always works out.
    Bottom line…be fair to yourself. Be honest. Will it take 2 easy trips without anyone being inconvenienced?…or will it be a nightmare 3, 4, 5…? …trips that no one will co-operate?…no MGR…OR…the parking lots are rarely empty?
    Again…I give the estimate. I try to be fair…to everyone…even me. And…I’ve passed.
    Last…these can be nice fill-in jobs. I’ll knock out what I can…leave at 3…?…4…?…and then go to a Paving Crew that now has something for me to Layout…or I’ll go home…or I’ll work only in the Drive Lane and paint the Stop Bars…if any…etc…
    I hope this helps. Let me know.


    Hey Dan,

    Thank’s for the help. I’ve got a Graco 3900 and considering buying 2 3400 to save time from switchjng colors. Are the 3400 good machines for any job as well?


    Hey Dan,

    Forgot to mention that I bought your book and has a ton of helpfull info. I had been looking into the striping business and after I got your book I decided to move on it. Hoping to make this my full time job within 2 yrs.


    Hello Mr. Bud
    Thanks for saying that…about my book. Thanks.
    Next…my first thought would be to just buy one more machine. Which one?…you have to decide that. BUT…if you’re looking to go full time…take a look at a Hydraulic Pump. There are two to look at: Graco 200HS and the Titan 4900.
    That said…another plan would be…just buy one more machine. Then you’ll have two.
    Next… I have a Titan 4000 = the older 4900. I also have a Graco 3900…which has a Mechanical Pump.
    1) I wish I had two Hydraulic Pumps.
    2) I’ve never used the 3400. As a striper…I had trouble convincing myself to buy the 3900. But…I hear good things from the Graco users…and also from the Titan users…( the 2800M ).
    Bottom line here…it all depends on your plans.
    Next…I often take just one machine…even if I know there’s a color change. I don’t care. It takes me 5 minutes. And…remember…I work alone. So…it would take me the same time to change as it would to go get the other machine. BUT…and here’s a BIG BUT…I use Latex. If I had to use Alkyd or…Acetone…I would definitely have two set ups. That said…what State are you in? Hot?…or (4) Seasons?
    Bottom line here…I’d be surprised if you couldn’t keep up with one 3900. I do. You can too.
    Next…(2) things…
    1) Let me know which machine you are looking at. I’ll send you to a good store.
    2) I manufacture stencils. I’ll cut whatever you need. Take a look at my site. I’ll give you a break. too.
    I’d like to help.


    Hey Dan
    Live in Texas, DFW METROPLEX, nice big area. I am using latex from ENNIS PAINT, fast dry traffic. Runs me $10 gallon. Take me 1.5 hr to pick up at ENNIS, saves me freight. Winter here is pretty crazy….70 one day and 40 the next. I guess you can say that it’s a 4 season deal here or so I think… I’m trying to pick up what i can on weekends since weather is the key right now. I know you said you haven’t used a graco 3400, but is it the equivalant of the titan 2800m? I probably buy the 200HS when I shift gears and go full time. I’m a TOYOTA AUTO TECHNICIAN , been doing it for 26 yrs. Very good at it and make very good $$$$$$. But my body is getting tired and would like see my kids to take over striping business and work for themselfs when the time comes…sorry went a little off topic there. Do you offer video of you switching paint and flushin graco 3900? Also, is it true you can add alcohol to paint so it can dry quicker in this cooler weather?

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