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    I was wondering what the temperature of the pavement should be concerning the lowest temperature that you can paint and the highest temperature you can paint on? I painted a gas station last year in the evening and in the beginning where I painted the lines look great. Near the end I was linestriping at night and those lines seemed to peel off more. This could be due to general traffic wear and maybe salt, but don’t know for sure. I used sw hotline paint. Any insight?


    Hello Schaef
    First…SW Hotline is an excellent paint. High in solids…quick dry…blahblah…
    SO…next…I don’t think it was the paint.
    Next…the temp…only “maybe”. I use Hotline when it’s called out for Taxi Runways. Again…it’s high on “solid particles” and dries more quickly. So I’m going to deduce that if you weren’t shivering …the weather was fine too. But I want to emphasize…if it’s going to be chilly outside…I’ll purposefully switch to Fast Dry or this Hotline.
    Last…you’re correct on not quite knowing if it was wear and tear…and / or…it could be a few different things…or a conglomerate of those things…but if’s it’s not failing everywhere…I think you’ll be fine.
    And…for the record…I’ve striped in snow flurries…Thanksgiving night…at a mall…waving to all the shoppers standing in line…and the paint is still there.
    Something else…if the gas station had a concrete surface…it’s sometimes harder to get paint to stick to concrete. You’ll see it missing from bridges and we all know it just won’t stick…over time…to concrete wheel stops. Again…I’ll think the weather can be slightly ruled out. And…I’ll think you did fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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