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    hey Dan,

    you ever do any athletic field striping?
    i dont know if i want to advertise for doing this or not!!!!
    it seems that the school system around my area, do their own,
    but you never know, there could be someone out there looking to
    have a field striped and i could be the guy that can get that done for them
    real quick.
    do i need a certain type paint, tips, etc.etc.etc.

    have u shut down for the winter yet?
    my machine has been put up since two weeks before thanksgiving
    waiting on next year!!!!!!!!!



    Hello Brad…yes and yes.
    I even striped the fields with my old Conventional. Yes, pushing 270 pounds over a bumpy yard…!
    That was too hard.
    Next…I also have striped Lacrosse and Soccer. I used my Airless then. Times had changed.
    But…with Graco’s Field Lazer and Titan’s 800…( Now the 850 )…those price points and almost every the City’s School budget…those days…for me…are gone.
    1) I’d ask too much for their budget.
    2) They can honestly buy a small machine…for their district…share it…etc…and stripe the football field several times during the season.
    3) They can also stripe the playground too.
    All that said…I still striped for my City’s School District…up until last year…when they cut that completely from the budget.
    Next…a suburb here stripes their own…which includes multiple Soccer Fields, Middle School Football…etc…at multiple parks and schools.
    There’s all the info.
    And…your locale may be totally different. Your AD could read…”We Stripe Parking Lots, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields and Floors”. ( I use the word STRIPE on purpose. It separates us all from STRIPPERS…! )
    Next…my machine sits more than it runs these days. That said…I have a few more to do…and…I just finished up on a floor. It was a Two Part Epoxy. There’s still work out there…but yes, it’s only a few and here and there.
    Last…as your career progresses your “Season” will lengthen.
    My first year ended in September…!…then November…now December. Every year you’ll stripe a little longer and also start a little sooner.
    Did I help?
    Oh…make sure you consider the National Pavement Expo. Brett is speaking there…!


    thanks for the help Dan.
    where and when is the expo?


    Hey Brad
    …not sure where in the country you are…so…
    Perform an online search for:
    National Pavement Expo. It’s in January, Nashville TN. It’ll come up. You’ll find it.
    I think it’s the third weekend in Jan…?
    ATSSA = American Traffic Safety Services Association.
    The latter is in San Diego.
    And…again…Brett…( who is thee man on this forum = it’s all his…and…he has a marketing company too…)
    …will be speaking at the Nashville Expo.
    ( God, I hope I can make it. )
    It’s a nice time.
    How’s that?



    preciate the help.

    i might make it


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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