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    My name is Ibrahim I have been looking for a solution/products that makes the asphalt cool and harden so quickly and is ready to use.Here the situation: In my country Saudi Arabia where the temperature is almost like Texas one when the road is paved and a almost finished.
    We need to keep the road closed for 5-10 days until the asphalt gets hardened and cooled then the road is ready to use. Here in TX, I have noticed when the road is paved,They keep it to cool down and harden for hours then they open it.



    I think there may be a difference in the asphalt oils. If I’m not mistaken, the Middle East has ‘light’ crude oil while many places in North America have ‘heavy’ crude oil. I’m not a Petrochemical engineer, but your oil may have more ‘light ends’ that need to evaporate to give the needed stability before opening to traffic. What a change of fortune it would be for the Middle East to have to import oil products from North America!!

    There may be a polymer that could be incorporated to give the desired early stability that you desire.



    Thanks I appreciate your reply. Would you please advise about these polymer, Is
    there one you advise in order to the needed result?
    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks again



    Sorry, I only know that polymers are used in some Microsurfacing or macrosurfacing processes. Google these terms or search on Youtube for something that may apply. Good luck, I’d be interested to know if you can find a solution that gets your roadways into service sooner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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