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    Any Canadian contractors out there. If so, what equipment are you using and how do you find it? This is my first year & I have a small HDE heater/reclaimer package. Work was steady in the spring, died out through June/July and is picking up again now (Aug)-I figured this would be the case so am not surprised but wonder what if any types of work others are doing and how they find their equipment working out. So far I’ve been very satisfied with what I bought. Are you having trouble convincing people that this technology is better than conventional in many cases?


    cair –

    Hey. I’m not Canadian, but I do know that Marathon Equipment out of Canada manufactures IR equipment.

    Someone else would have to inform you as to the quality of their equipment, but I believe they are a good company. There is also an article on this site that highlights some of the IR manufacturers. Go here: https://www.pavemanpro.com/index.php?/article/dont_buy_another_jackhammer/

    Here’s their contact info.
    Marathon Equipment, Inc.
    4930 Corporate Dr (map)
    Burlington, Ontario
    L7L 5R3 Canada
    Phone: (905) 335-0000

    Best of luck!


    People are not going to “discover” infrared by themselves. For almost every contractor out there Canadian, or American, you have become a teacher. Before ANY customer becomes a client, they have to be shown the benefits. (as with any product) I see my job as teacher/salesman. I have found that people are interested in this new process, but really uneducated in its various uses. One thing many might think about is putting on small demonstrations, and inviting several potential clients to watch. I have found it extremely funny to see the expressions of amazement when they actually SEE the heater removed, and you start scarifying the asphalt. You THEN have their attention, and their mind goes to the possabilitys for their particular needs. It’s a great business guys, but it’s not going to come looking for YOU. You have to develop it!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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