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    I am again grateful for all the calls from you the contractors who are the reason we exist in the first place. As a former pavement maintenance contractor of 20 years, i can relate to all the concerns you have vented to me regarding this unseasonable weather. Yes it has been hard to “Get out of the barn as spring just does not want to spring.” I also am grateful for the straight talk and Q & A about additives and their proper use. I have joined this needed and professional site to further my business and meet you all on-line for sharing ideas, technique’s, and for impute on the performance of my additives you are using.I would like more of you to respond in this forum if possible instead of just calling me at work to have great conversations about the industry, i just cannot seem to remember all the great ideas and imput when we are talking. This forum is the cats meow for sharing ideas. we need to have these conversations here also. Then everyone will see as i do the tremendous pool of quality contractors that care about what they are putting down on the pavement nationwide. I was talking with a contractor that has a firm in the mountains. He has a very short season, he called to place an order, he uses my FSA-AE additive for asphalt base sealer. Chris tells me that he has already sealed with sucsess in marginal weather that we all are feeling right now. He tell me the additive hardens the sealer film and when the sun hits it if is dry. The nights have been dipping down into the mid 40’s and he has had good results. On the other hand i talked with a contractor that uses my FSA in coaltar in NJ. he told me that he put it in and it did not do a darn thing for his drying? After we talked awhile we determined that he needed to kick up the amount he was putting in by another percent. he did and said that it did the trick, so you can see that sometimes in this kind of weather, we need to pour the coals in the sealer for it to perform in this type of sunless, cold temps. Additives do have there limitations, but they also are a god send for those who night seal, do Walgreens that need to flip flop the lot in a very short time, as was the case here. Well i will look forward to all your imput in the forum and i do welcome your calls at work. I love to write in the evenings and then have the tme to share all your ideas with a very info hungry crowd in our industry. This is a great site! Dont you agree? Will be posting again next week, please post your questions as i so look forward to responding to all of you. thanks for taking the time to read my forum. mark mcleod / maintenance inc.


    Welcome Cadillac Parts, and thankyou for your responce to my article. The website works as is evident by you responding. all professional pavement maintenance companies should have their own website by now for potential clients to view. It is so easy now days to build a custom site that features your services and is a 24 hour sales machine. Keep posting so others can see your thoughts and concerns about all the working and trends in our wonderful industry. Thankyou for posting. See you in NPE Nashville Jan.20, 2010.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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