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    I just fired up my airless for the first time in a week. I’ve been using my conventional for temporary striping = oil based paint…3rd shift. Anyhow…I had some “over seal” striping to do…so I ran latex = water based paint through my Titan.

    So…for those of you who just bought one…do not worry when your airless begins spitting paint. The first time this happened to me, I just kept going. Then it got worse…so I looked into the (5) gallon bucket o’ paint and…you guessed it…I was out o’ paint. Duh.

    The machine…or better said…the siphon tube…was sucking air. And…air is now in different places up and throughout the tube…the pump…and the 25′ hose…let’s just say air bubbles. And let’s also say…they need to be purged out or our next few lines are going to resemble an EKG. You know…one of those heart monitor things? Beep. Beep. Beep.

    Yes…just add more paint…but there are still air bubbles in the system…both parts. So…1)…open the bypass and allow the paint to circulate from the suction tube, up through the pump and then it’ll take the path of least resistance and go right back into the (5) gallon bucket via the primer tube…and spit like crazy…until all the little sucked up air bubbles are gone. BUT…that’s only air in the pump. So now…2)…WHILE IT’S CIRCULATING!…take the tip/guard off and point it into the bucket. Pull the trigger AND THEN shut the bypass. Pressure will build through the line and paint will come out harder as well as the little air bubbles in the 25′ hose. When it stops spitting…you’re good to go. You’ve just purged air from the pump and then from the line. Cool.

    If you ever experience spitting…and deduce it’s because you’re sucking air…and you look into your (5) gallon bucket ONLY TO FIND…you have plenty o’ paint?…3 or more gallons?…odds are the “rock catcher” is surrounded by huge “paint skins” and cannot suck paint. No different than you putting a plastic bag over the end of the suction tube and still expecting it to work. It’s blocked. Here’s why…air must get into the NEW paint buckets and create skins. It happens. Sometimes they’re so big they look like pancakes going in and will splash so bad you’ll get paint in your hair. Also…paint dries along the sides of the bucket as you spray. Refilling THAT SAME bucket will allow those flakes to get into the paint. AND…no amount of straining prior to spraying is going to help. Let’s move on. Shake the skins off the “rock catcher”…best you can. Press on…best you can. Maybe you’ll need to stop and change buckets. You may also need to purge the air bubbles out…if it’s bad. Strain that (5) gallons later. Re-use it…later.

    By the way…I use the “elastic top” (5) gallon filters. Not the NON elastic top (1) gallon things.

    Last…here’s a small trick that may buy you time…when you know you’re getting low on paint…carefully tip the bucket so that the “rock catcher” or simply …the end of your big siphon tube is under paint…and this will buy you time. (You’ll eventually need to refill. Do it though, before it begins sucking air…no biggee.)

    See ya.


    I would like to here about your 75 dollar stripe machine sounds to good to be true


    If you would like pictures of what a $75 unit will do, send me your email. At first glance, it looks good, but not for long. I had a guy that had 2 strip malls that needed to be done in November of last year, before the snow fell, which was a week after I did the 2. They were almost restripes and the asphalt was rough. His renters were really getting after him.

    I was in the process of rebuilding the plumbing in my conventional, so told him I would try the cheap way with the upside down spray can. Again, it looked good. I put 2 coats on each line. After a tough winter, the two locations really looked rough. You could hardly tell they had been done.

    If you want to do a parking lot 2 or 3 times per year, it may be ok.



    I agree with Arcee. With all do respect…if a striper showed up on a job of mine with an upside down can…I’d be polite…but I can’t let that happen.
    Next…that said…if it gets you into the business…sheepishly, I say…kinda…ok.
    But…keep your eye out for an Airless. Move up quickly.
    You know what…never mind. Really try to purchase an Airless.
    I’ll help in any way I can.
    Keep in touch.
    P.S. Why are we on this thread?
    …you know what…?…never mind…it’s all good.
    See ya.

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