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    I’m looking into buying another striper. I use a titan 2850 now and I’d like to get a second machine and keep my 2850 as backup.
    Does anyone have any experience with both clutch and hydraulic driven airless pumps?
    Curious about the PROS and CONS between the two so that I can figure out what machine is right for me to use as a primary striper.

    Thanks, Rob.


    Hello Rob
    How are you?
    First…I did read you were having some snags with the 2850.
    I agree with some and wonder about the others.
    First…I…and many stripers never clean their machines. I read where you borrowed and didn’t clean…no troubles.
    And…that won’t stop the pump. Your trouble sounds like that switch…that would’ve been my first try…and then…the ball getting stuck. Besides that…I really don’t think the suggestion that you put it together wrong is valid.
    Whenever my pump is pumping but there isn’t pressure…it’s the ball. But…you’rs is clean…I am not sure beyond that.
    All that said…I have a Graco 3900. I think they are over priced…but, it works. And…I’ve used the crap out of it…and I don’t clean it either. Next…the price point is the same as Titan’s Hydraulic. ( The 3900 is mechanical. )
    But…the Titan 4950 literally wobbles. Three customers were told…drill the handle bars and put a screw in it.
    Next…the difference between the Mechanical and Hydraulic is pumping. The M pumps 5 times more…?…than the H.
    In other words…it’s like a 6 cylinder vs. an 8. You’d think they’d wear out. The stroke is shorter too.
    ( This is why I think they are over priced. ) You’re paying for an 8 cylinder when getting a 4…!
    Bottom line though…it may save you a few hundred bucks from buying the Titan 4950.
    It will save you a ton from buying the HS200…which is a heavy machine.
    ( I’ve been using both the 3900 and the HS200 recently. )
    ( AND…I do have the opportunity to buy a Titan 4950 kinda cheap…! )
    Rob…keep the 2850.
    Look into the Lemon Law.
    Don’t quit pursuing the warranty. I know there’s a stipulation about trading in and / or upgrading…if you are simply not happy.
    I don’t know the time limits though.
    Keep in touch.


    P.S. I don’t own a 4″ tip.
    I always use a 6″ tip. I’ve offered to them to include a 1708, a 1908…but also; a 1912.
    If you have a 4″ line…at a 12″ height…you are way up there…!
    With a 6″ tip…you can lower the gun…alleviate much of the wind and wiggle…and…
    If you ever Re Stripe a 4.75″ line…!…you can always lift the gun to produce a safe 5″ line.
    ( With the 4″ limitations…you are out of luck. )
    That said…this won’t help that “quitting pump trouble”…but, you mentioned pulsating, hour glassing.
    A bigger orifice; .019 may help. ( Especially if you are using Sherwin Williams Hot Line. )
    ( I use a .021″. But, I ride and move a little more quickly. )
    Last…and…do not be afraid, to add a splash of water either.
    Again…keep in touch.
    I’ll have a Glass Bead Dispenser for those machines, soon.


    Hey Dan!
    Thanks a ton for the input.
    I have some (a lot of) thoughts about what you said.
    I will have to wait until later. I will email or post here later tonight. Rushing to another job.
    But for now I have to ask…ever used an HS130?
    Ok Dan I’ve got to run


    Hey Rob…you know what…?…buy that one.
    It looks like a scaled down HS200.
    It also looks like the price is out there.
    ( there is one on eBay… )
    I have a buddy who’s a Dealer.
    Email me. I’ll introduce. …if you want…
    …or call me…etc.
    Rob, congrats on the work. Congrats on the upcoming machine…everything.
    Very cool.


    Dan..I have barely had a second.
    I still want to touch on a few of the things you said ^^. Great stuff. I think I’ll have to call you soon.
    That said, I love the idea of the 130hs. A scaled down 200hs. The 200hs is heavy..best with a line driver.
    The 130hs puts out plenty of paint to use with a line driver (especially with one gun application). But its lighter so I can push it around for awhile without regretting it……or can I. GRACO web site says the 130hs weighs the same as the 200hs. Weird. I’ll have to look into that.

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