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    To: All my contractor friends. I have had so many calls from you inquiring when a contractor should incorporate additive in their sealer. frankly, additives should be used everyday! sealing with out additive in sealer increases your risk of an inferior sealer film and accelerated wear and sand roll out. It has been proven time and time again that applying additive fortifys the sealer film. Depending on the type of sealer you are applying determines the type of additive you should be incorporating into your mix. your sealer supplier will know that information and can direct you to the right mix ratio additive to sealer. for example, if you are using coal tar pitch sealer, we have a few additives that will give you optimum results in sealer performance. FSA and FSA-PLUS, and TARGEL-PLUS will do the job, as these additives all have unique characteristics that enhance and fortify the sealer resulting in improved sand suspension, sand encapsulation as well as superior wet abrasion while making your sealer dry blacker. If you are using an asphalt based sealer or blended sealer, FSA-AE would be your choice. FSA-AE is specificaly formulated to enhance asphalt based sealer. Not only does it firm up the sealer film, reducing power steering and scuffing, it helps cure the sealer while toughening the sealer film. it is compatable with all types of asphalt based sealers. All maintenance inc additives have a our patented FASS-DRI added to them, that thru fugasity forces the evaporation of the water out from the bottom up, leaving a firm and dry film that you will be able to get open to traffic and your striper on it sooner than anyother additive on the market! We know you have in the past used our fass dri products and we are greatfull, however our additive do so much more that just dry the sealer film. it’s not just for breakfast anymore! thanks for all your calls. I will be submitting another article on Direct mail, as some of you have requested soon. thanks and i appreciate all your calls. i can be reached at maintenance inc. 800-892-6701.

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