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    I have discovered a new product. It is called Fast Measure. No more hanging out the window of your truck with your old measuring wheel. Developed by a paving professional for the paving industry, it can also be mounted on crack routers & concrete saws for accurate job accounting. It can save you hours on your estimating and job layout. According to Ernie Kaplin the inventor it is more accurate than a standard walking wheel or your vehicle odometer (odometers can be off by more than 1/10th of a mile).

    Website is: http://www.fast-measure.com/_pages/pr_fast_measure.htm


    I installed one of these in me Explorer IT GREAT saved me atlaest 1 hour of measuring on the 1st job. I checked its accuarcy using my wheel and it right on. Im going to order more for my sales crew and forman. 🙂


    What do you do to hook it up ?

    Do you need to run anything under the car ?

    Any information on installation is greatly appreciated. Thinking about mounting on other types of equipment.



    The following is a brief description of the installation procedures for the FastMeasure vehicle kit.
    1) Install a magnet or set of magnets on the driveshaft. Magnets and epoxy are included in the kit.
    2) Mount the sensor bracket near the driveshaft and attach the stainless steel sensor within 1” of the magnets. Run the wire lead into the vehicle under the dash, and connect to the electrical terminal block.
    3) Run 12 volts to the electrical terminal block.
    4) Connect the FastMeasure meter to the electrical terminal block.
    5) Mount the measuring device on the dash with the provided dual lock tabs.
    6) To calibrate, this is very easy, measure a line 400’ paint marks at both ends. Reset the meter to 0 and drive 400’; hold both buttons on the meter for 10 seconds. The meter will display a row of zeros, scroll to the right and change the meter to read 400’. The 2nd programming screen is for mph, kph or feet per minute. For miles per hour (default) leave at 60 or change it to 100 for kilometers per hour or 1 for feet per minute. Exit the programming mode and enjoy your FastMeasure.

    It takes about 1 hour to install the unit. Everything needed for the installation is included in the kit. The instruction manual is written very clearly and is easy to understand. For further instructions and information, check our web site at Fast-Measure.com.

    FastMeasure can be mounted just about anything that rolls pavers, crack router, grinders, concrete saw, ATV’s and more.

    Schwarze Industries

    I have a unit . I havn’t installed yet. The only thing I’m concerned with is the magnets. Are you going to be replacing them all the time because you slung one off going down the HWY 70 miles a hour.


    In your kit, do you have a product called Future Glue Gel or a tube like Super glue?
    If not you can get it at Home Depot or Menards. You want the GEL type product. In the new kits this is included.
    I know you have a fast set epoxy, and a long wire tie.
    The Super glue will hold the magnets in place, on the driveshaft, while the epoxy sets.
    When you are all done putting the magnets on, wrap the wire tie around the magnets pull it tight, cut off the excess and leave it on.
    With this proceeded the magnets will never come off until you remove them with a hammer and chisel.
    Bill, can you send me an updated email address for my records?


    Fast Measure and the Fast Measure booth have drawn a lot of attention at the recent National Pavement Expo shows. For more information about the Fast Measure and other useful paving products and equipment check out the new Equipment Connection at ForConstructionPros.com.

    Schwarze Industries

    I got one of these units several months back. Was going to get a new truck for estimating so I waited to install it. Well I got the truck and installed. After about 1 1/2 hours of time trying to set it I gave up to return later. Next day, I thought maybe the plastic tie was in the way so I removed it. Back to the road. After trying another hour I gave up again. Decided to check the instalation. Everything was just like instructions said. Got under the truck to check that and found my only concern had happen, one magnet gone. Now where do I get a magnet? I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I seem to be doing something wrong.


    If you contact Info@FastMeasure.com I’m sure they will send you an update kit for the magnets.
    With the update the only way the magnets will come off is with a knife, hammer and a screwdriver.

    Schwarze Industries

    I’ll give them a call Thanks

    Schwarze Industries

    I may have found the problem. My instructions said nothing about holding buttons down for 10 sec.


    Seems to be a good option for estimating work.

    @Paver Market Magazine wrote:

    According to Ernie Kaplin the inventor it is more accurate than a standard walking wheel or your vehicle odometer

    So whats the level of precision for it?

    Schwarze Industries

    I purchased a unit from Fast Measure last year. It sure makes things faster doing an estimate. Fast measure is a product that does just what it’s promoted to do, a rare thing in this day and time. I did have a small problem at first, which I am sure was my own fault. Ernie was there to help me with my problem all the way. You couldn’t ask for better help if you have a problem. Another thing that is hard to find in this day and time. Thanks for the help and the unit Ernie. Bill Moss

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